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  1. At the risk of giving too much information, I'm going to cut and paste a lovely, complete answer that was posted by the vastly knowledgeable Irene Muni a while ago: :smileyhappy: - 1 - If you want acces to Adult lands an content IS NOT necessary be Age Verfied, it's enough be Account Verified. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:What_are_the_different_types_of_Account_Verifica... That document explain the differences. Extract: In order to access Adult Content in Second Life, your account needs to be verified. You may have heard the terms "Account Verification" and "Age Verification". While related, they are in fact different! Here's what you must know: Account Verification is an umbrella term which contains different ways of being Account-Verified. Having "Payment Info on File" means you're "Account-Verified" , but not necessarily "Age-Verified". You can be neither, either, or both. For example, if you purchase goods from Xstreet with a credit card, you have Payment Info on File status, and are "Account-Verified". But, you're not Age-Verified unless you explicitly go through the Age Verification process. Furthermore, even if you have both Payment Info on File and are Age-Verified, to access a Region, your Preferred Maturity must be the same or greater than that Region. For example, to access an Adult-rated Region, you need to set your Preferred Maturity rating to PG, Mature and Adult. Similarly, to access a Mature-rated Region, you need to set your Preferred Maturity to PG and Mature or PG, Mature and Adult. -2 - But if really you need be Age Verified, and you have problems doing ir automatically, you shoul use the Manual age verification. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Age_Verification_FAQ#What_happens_if_I_experienc... What happens if I experience problems when I try to verify my identity?The new age verification feature is in beta. Please be patient as we continue to improve the feature. We are committed to making sure the process is as smooth and user-friendly as possible; however, we understand that this represents a change for Residents. We have also tested the system extensively with our systems provider, Aristotle-Integrity, which has delivered this type of technology to other companies. If you continue to have problems verifying your identity, please go to the Second Life Support Portal and submit a ticket (select Special Questions - Basic account or Guest Login from the Ticket Type dropdown, select Account Issues from the next dropdown, and choose Manual Age Verification from the next). Please attach an electronic (scanned) copy of one of a Government issued identification that has your name and date of birth clearly displayed. This identification could be one of the following: Birth Certificate Driver's License Passport State or National ID To attach a file to your ticket: Log into the Second Life Support Portal and click the My Support History tab. Click the Ticket # of the age verification ticket you submitted. Click the Comment button. Click the Attach a file link. Browse for the file on your computer and click Open. To attach another file, click the Attach another file link. Click the Submit button. The files you specified will be uploaded and attached to the ticket. Please expect manual verification to take 5-7 working days.
  2. What? You aren't going to offer a plywood box too?
  3. You may find a friend who is willing to let you rez a booth or vendor panel in her/his shop, but in general it's a bad idea to try and do it on land that that you don't own or rent. For one thing, rezzed prims count against the land owner's prim allowance, and for another, you are making a profit without paying appropriate rent. If you are lucky, you will just have your booth returned. If not, you'll find yourself banned and AR'd.
  4. There is no "group account," except as a transient bookkeeping entity. Any money that is credited to a group is immediately split evenly among group members, provided that their roles allow them to share assets. It's been my experience that "immediately" means "within a few minutes, at most." If a transfer appears to take longer than that, I'd guess it's because some other step in the process is slow. For example, group liabilities and dividends are figured on a weekly basis.
  5. When that happens it's usually because you have included a script, a texture, a sound, or some other component that is non-transferable.
  6. I haven't bothered to read any of his posts in the new forums. Now that the moderators dispose of them quickly, they aren't even much of a nuisance any more. It's sort of pitiful, really, that he hasn't figured out that nobody cares about his delusional ramblings.
  7. The parameters you have written should give you the result you wanted. You might set CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_LAG to 0.0 so that there's absolutely no delay in response as you move. Other than that, the only thing I can suggest is that the parameter list really should be in a run_time_permissions event instead of your touch_start event.. That is ... run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA) { //Do stuff} } In practice, it shouldn't make any difference since permission is granted automatically when you sit on or attach the scripted object. Still, it's never a good idea to assume that any requested permission has been granted.
  8. Rolig Loon


    You will never be redundant, Marigold. Out of a job, perhaps, but never redundant. :smileywink:
  9. According to Torley, who knows everything :smileyhappy: Here's what all the abbreviations mean: B = Base - The object can never be more permissive than this. O = Owner - The permissions the owner (you) currently has. G = Group - The permissions group members currently have on the object. (The group the object is set or deeded to is shown next to Group: above.) E = Everyone - The permissions everyone else has on the object. N = Next Owner - The permissions the next person to own the object will have. F = Full/Folded - The permissions of the object as a whole, including all permissions of the object's contents. For example, a copyable object which has a no-copy item added to its contents becomes non-copyable as a whole because it's restricted by the no-copy content item. M, C, and T = Modify, Copy, and Transfer - Standard permissions. V = Velocity - This actually means "can move" permissions. For instance, if an object shows "E: V", this means everyone can move this object around inworld, which is the the same as Allow anyone to move being enabled. * = Slam bit - Explained more in the next section. You can see the extended answer at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Permissions
  10. It can't have anything to do with the computer you used. Any time you buy something, it is stored on SL's asset servers, not your own computer. The listing you see is essentially a table of "pointers" to storage locations in the servers. Having said that, however, it is possible for the inventory listing that you see to get out of sync with the asset servers. You can cure that, if it's the problem, by clearing your cache (click the "Clear Cache" button in Preferences), logging out, and then logging back in at a really vacant sim like Smith or Pooley. When you log in, open your inventory and type anything -- the letter "A" for example) to force the asset servers to rebuild your local copy of the inventory listing. Don't do anything while it's rebuilding. Just go out for a cup of coffee. When it's done, your inventory should be properly synced. Now, if you do that and the items are still missing, then check your Transactions log to verify that you actually bought and paid for the items and then contact the seller with that information. If the items were copiable, you ought o be able o get a redelivery.
  11. Rolig Loon


    Take a good look at Marigold Devin's response to the same question in THIS THREAD. The steps she advises almost always cure ghosting. Good luck. :smileywink:
  12. When you are setting permissions, be sure that you are always doing it on a rezzed copy, not on something in inventory. Permisssions only "stick" on rezzed items. That might account for some of what you're seeing. My guess is that a prim somewhere in your build isn't really set full-perm the way you think it is. Offhand, though, I don't know how to explain the fact that your prim names are wonky. I've found that it helps my peace of mind to activate Debug Permissions in the Advanced (CTRL-Alt-D) menu so that I can see exactly how permissions have been set for the next owner ( N: ) on any item I create.
  13. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: (But now I had the "invalid HTML" error again. It seems that the </blockquote> tag always ends up at the wrong spot in the automatically generated HTML code. That's probably also why you see so many messages where the text under a quote is italicized and appears to be part of the quote, like in Rolig's message above). Hmmmm... That might be it, but if so it's not consistent. I haven't messed with the HTML in this post, for example, and my text is showing up as roman (not italic) despite the quote. The software got it right without intervention this time.
  14. Check the master sound panel (upper right corner of your screen in V2, I believe) to be sure that you haven't inadvertently moved the slider all the way to the left. I have done that by mistake a couple of times and then thought that I'd gone deaf.
  15. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: PS: I also frequently get the error message "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied." when I hit the Post button, even if I only typed one line of text with no formatting or links at all. This is very annoying. I can understand getting that message when I have messed with the HTML (as I did yesterday when removing part of a table from a post before submitting it). It's annoying to get it when I haven't touched the HTML, however. I get the same message whenever I post anything that has an accented character in it, for example, as when I'm responding in French or German. My guess is that Lithium's software isn't smart enough to recognize high-bit ASCII codes. If I go ahead and hit the submit button without making any changes at all, it's always accepted on the second pass, but it is dumb that I need to do that.
  16. You can't. You do not have the power to remove an owner from the group. The smartest thing to do is to sell the land to yourself (or an alt), and then dissolve the group. You can do that by ejecting everyone from the group except your co-owner and then leaving the group yourself. That will leave your co-wner as the group's sole member. LL will collapse the group within 48 hours, since it will no longer meet the minimum size requirement.
  17. Whew! I was afraid it was just me, Peewee. I was looking all over for a chrono text and a brief gantry. ;-)
  18. SL uses a lot of bandwidth, so if you are staying in a busy hotel where every travelling businessman is on the Internet, it wouldn't be surprising to find that there's no room left in the pipeline for you. Also, Internet connections in hotels are almost always wireless these days -- not the best way to access SL. Several of my colleagues have had bad experiences accessing SL to make presentations at professional meetings in big city hotels.
  19. What a lovely simile! You've captured the image exactly, Squashy. "Like a deceased parachute ....... " :smileytongue:
  20. Yes, I think that change from SLT to PST/PDT was in late 2009, but most of us who were around before then continue to use the label SLT. It's hard to break a habit, I guess. I agree that the label can be confusing, especially for those who are new to SL. My personal solution (when I remember) is to write SLT/PST so I'm covering all bases. Still, regardless of what you call it, the standard time zone for SL has always been West Coast US time.
  21. No. Not unless they tell you. This is a VERY good thing. The last thing we need to do is make it easier for stalkers.
  22. Hehehe.... I tried that myself and couldn't find it even with his name.
  23. Oh, good! You found it. I ran up against a dead link to the old blogs when I was searching. Nice work, Peewee.
  24. That's wierd. When you look at the item in your inventory, does it have a little blue icon that looks like a pair of pants or does it have a pink icon that looks like a skirt? If it's the blue icon, it's supposed to be a pair of pants. Just to be clear..... Designers will usually sell a skirt with a matching pair of "glitch" pants that are meant to be worn under the skirt. It's important to do that for two reasons. First and most important, it can be more than a little embarrassing to fly around SL without glitch pants or underwear. Second, parts of your body usually poke through skirts as you move, so appropriately-textured glitch pants hide the fact that people are actually seeing your thighs. Anyway.... check to be sure that the folder that contained those pants also contains a skirt. BOTH should be there.
  25. Nothing, unfortunately. Unless they respond to a friendly request, there's not a thing you can do. On the bright side, as long as the objects are actually on their side of the line, they won't affect your prim allowance. (If they are on your side, you can return them.)
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