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  1. Hi and thanks for this, LoveAngel I couldn't connect with anything useful via the neil robinson URL and got a bit confused with the DNS settings (I'm not that great with that kind of thing). Anyway... I downloaded an older version (2.2) of sl and I could login and it worked ok (though nowhere near as good as later versions obviously). I was kind've impatient with it so I took a chance and updated to the latest version and yay... it worked. So all fixed...except the latest version is kinda unpredictable... and lots more lag currently and frequent crashes. At least I can log in tho. Best wishes.
  2. When I try to login to sl I get the message "Login Failed - DNS could not resolve host name". Everything was working fine until yesterday (20 June). I've tried switching off the router/wi fi/laptop etc and also have flushed the DNS cache to no effect. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
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