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  1. Particle color is determined by the two parameters PSYS_PART_START_COLOR and PSYS_PART_END_COLOR. If you want to change them in your script, trigger your llParticleSystem command again with different vectors for those two parameters. Treat it like toggling a light switch. Just toggle between colors instead of off and on.
  2. I agree completely with Peter, although I too have never heard of Splash Match Fishing. If other members of your fishing group (team? squadron?) don't know, you could try asking people in other sporting groups. Many of them have devised ways to detect and prevent cheating in their sports.
  3. Are you re-installing new copies on top of the previously borked ones, or are you doing a clean re-install first? In addition to removing the folder in your C:/Programs directory where the viewer's exe file is, you also need to delete the folders in Documents & Settings (both Local and Roaming) that contain your user settings. If you don't remove every trace of the previous installation, any new one may inherit whatever was screwed up earlier.
  4. That's a separate problem. You either move your scanner from point to point until you have sampled every part of your sim or you set up a network of scanners. Either way, you need a way to gather all the information the individual scans, remove any redundancies, and then compile the summary list. As Void says, that's a real pain if your sim has a lot of objects in it, especially if the number of objects keeps changing all the time or if they are sometimes crammed into subregions with more than 16 objects in them. I have to agree with her that it's probably not worth the trouble to do on a
  5. Ummm.... Your script scans for all objects in scan range...... llDetectedKey(i) gives you the UUID of each object .... llGetObjectPrimCount(llDetectedKey(i)) gives you the number of prims in the object. ..... llDetectedName(i) gives you the name of the object. How hard is that? default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { llSensor("","",PASSIVE|ACTIVE,10.0,PI); } sensor(integer num) { integer i; for (i=0;i<num;++i) { llSay(0,llDetectedName(i) + " " +(string)llGetObjectPrimCount(llDetectedKey(i))); } }}
  6. See the LSL wiki for llGetParcelPrimCount, which is so named because it gives you the prim count for the owner(s) in the selected category. If sim_wideis... TRUE then the return is the combined number of prims on all parcels in the sim owned by the specified parcel's owner of the category requested. FALSE then the return is the number of prims of the category requested on the parcel specified. If you really want to know the prim count in a specific object, get the object's UUID and feed it to llGetObjectPrimCount. 
  7. You can get prim counts with llGetParcelPrimCounts or with llGetParcelPrimOwners, depending on how you want to ask the question. Getting a list of the objects by name is more work, because you'll actually have to build a scanner to find all of them and then use llGetObjectDetails to figure who owns each of them. It's not a hard script to write.
  8. You can beat the 16 person limit with a couple of tricks. One is to make a more complicated scanner that is either made of more than one prim (each scanning a different conical sector of the area) or is a single prim that does several rotations in rapid succession, each scanning a different small sector. I have tried both methods successfully. Void Singer once made a dodecahedral scanner that was a wonder to behold. The other trick is to use a single scanner but move it in a preset pattern that covers the entire area, doing a fresh scan at each spot in the pattern. I built one like that
  9. To rerender her you need to remove her from the blacklist. Access the Asset Blacklist from the Phoenix menu at the top of your screen. Click on the item you want to rerender, note avatars show as objects. Click the Remove button. Change your group tag, or teleport out and back. Your girlfriend will render in a few seconds. And then you have to decide whether to admit what you did, or just pretend that it never happened. She won't know unless you tell her ....... :smileywink: 
  10. Es posible que la transferencia de dólares de su cuenta con PayPay. Ver https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/process-credit.php para obtener instrucciones.
  11. Talvez meu tradutor está tendo dificuldade em entender Português, ou talvez eu só não entendo o que você está tentando fazer. Por que você nunca quer bloquear ou silenciar alguém em sua lista de amigos? As pessoas usam essa opção para que eles não ouvirão o discurso ofensivo. Se você bloquear um amigo, o amigo vai naturalmente supor que você encontrá-la ofensiva. Essa é uma mensagem cruel de dar um amigo. Se você não quer manter a amizade com alguém, removê-la da sua lista de amigos. Se você quiser apenas para mantê-la de ver que você está no SL, desmarque o "olho" símbolo ao lado de seu nome.
  12. Open Preferences (CTRL + P) >>> Network & Cache and look for Chat Logs Location: Shows the location of your chat logs. (Chat logging is enabled in the Privacy tab.)
  13. Yes, in fact there was a very high-profile case within the past four months in which a person was banned from SL for revealing the identities of alts.
  14. Download (images that are in your Inventory that you want to put on your hard drive) or upload (images on your hard drive that you want to put in your Inventory)? If you really mean download, that can't be done. Your viewer doesn't have a bulk download function. You have to open each individual texture and click on File >> Export Texture. If you mean upload, then you can do that with File >> Upload >> Bulk Upload Images. The exact wording varies from one viewer to another, but the function is there in all of them. Whether you upload images one at a time or in batches, t
  15. Ooop. I did read the OP upside down, Luc. LOD can do some funny things, so I wouldn't discount it completely, but you're right. It should normally go the other way. Bummer.
  16. You may have your LOD (Level of Detail) setting too low. in the lower right corner of the Phoenix window, there is an up arrow, above the large Inventory button. Click the up arrow, and a pop-up floater appears find LOD Factor, and set it to a value between 3 and 4. Start at 3, for example close the pop-up by clicking the - at the bottom Now cam away from yourself then back and you should find that the small prims are rendering better. You can experiment with the LOD Factor values. Be aware that going too low will make large prims (especially sculpted prims) start to look very strange even fr
  17. A secret known by more than one person is not a secret. The only way to hide is not to tell anyone where you are. Even then, a determined detective will wait for the one time when you make a mistake and reveal your position. If you want the ultimate in protection, buy a private sim and do not allow anyone to TP in. I know a few people who have made that decision. It works.
  18. Not normally, although some public agencies (schools, libraries, corporations) add firewall restrictions to keep users from using excessive amounts of bandwidth. If that's the case, you may find that your access to SL -- a real bandwidth hog -- is blocked. Depending on your level of authority, you may be able to get past the firewall yourself. If not, you'll have to talk with the responsible folks in you IT area. Read this to see what's involved >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall . Oh, and this too >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_do
  19. Rolig Loon

    Opening boxes

    In the Open and Unpack a Box section, I suggest adding a final step: "6. When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory." I think it's important for newcomers to learn to pick up after themselves. Not all places have autoreturn. Besides, littering is inconsiderate.
  20. Are you looking for Utah West Territory (--Die "Deutsche WildWest RolePlay Sim"--Hier spielt der Wilde Westen sein Lied vom Tod---- Der Schatz im Silbersee--- Kanufahren im Schlangenfluss---Ute Dorf---Wälder--- Apachenpass---Bisonherde---Trapperhütte) ? I was just there, and it's lovely. I suspect that it was just offline for a restart temporarily.
  21. A host of what (or whom)? Most hosts I know provide some sort of entertainment and a bit of food and drink. Have a party.
  22. It's a little hard to figure out what you're asking. There's no text in your question, and the title got scrambled somehow. Are you using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 as your browser? If so, you need to set Compatibility mode for this web site. While you have this website open, click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button. It looks sort of like a torn piece of paper. Once you do that, IE 8 or IE9 will let you post things here with no problem. Now, let me guess that your avatar looks like a cloud. If that's the pro
  23. It might help to know what the message is.
  24. Try CTRL + Alt + N to open the selection window to show Beacons, then choose Sounds. It should highlight any sound sources with red, so you can see where they are. Toggle it off again when you are done and have removed the sound emitter.
  25. @Perrie -- Please don't misunderstand me. "Funny" in this context definitely does NOT mean humorous. In retrospect, I should have used the word "odd" to make my meaning clearer. This IS a serious matter. In fact, though, I was not referring to your comment at all. I think it is quite fair to ask how much of this incident or any reported assault really happened. Whether it's intentional or not, any report is edited as it is told and we all hear different things. The "facts" are rarely exactly what they seem. However, my default position is generally to accept what I am told, being skeptical a
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