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  1. We lost 50 items in our market place store after Sunday problems Any chance that Linden Lab will reestablish them? Or we have to redo everything?
  2. This bad Second Life Sunday was not just not fun... When we finally reconnected, we found out that 50 items had disappeared from our market store!!! Anyone else experienced that? Any chance for those items to be re established by Linden Lab? Or we have to redo everything?
  3. Yes That was the problem. Thank you
  4. When I try to post an event on SL Events Calendar, I get '' Intern Error'' and it is like that since days. Where can I get help about this?
  5. I left a land few months ago and moved my store to an other land but when i type the name of my store in Places in the search engine, It shows it twice, on the old land and on the new one. I dont understand: the old sim does not even exist anymore, the owner abandoned it. What can I do to correct that?
  6. Mika Palmyra


    I have exactly the same problem than you Sam and i checked all my settings and everything is fine.
  7. The sim where we rent a land for our store is closing. Is there a way for us to redirect our old landmark to our new land?
  8. Since 2 days, my friend Maitreya body is invisible to me! I can see her Catwa head, her Maitreya hands and feet but not her body. I see my Maitreya body without problem and everybody else, i see perfect. But my friend Paris, i only see her clothes head, feet and hands... And she checked, her body is on and she sees it! Can you help me?
  9. The new owner said nothing would change for the renters on the sim but somebody told me that when the sale will be processed by Linden Lab, they will derez everything. We have a store with 500 vendors so we are very worry.
  10. I cannot get any music on any sim. It says Audio banned. I checked in Preference, music stream is on. Can somebody help me? It just happened today :(
  11. Since few days I cannot find a lot of my outfits when i search to place the Related Items when i upload a new outfit. Why? Only old outfits show!
  12. I have a gift in my store with an unpacking script (that I changed 3 times) but it only gives the top of the outfit instead of all the items in the file. Anybody has an idea what I am doing wrong?
  13. My avatar hands and arms are moving all over the place when I am voicing. How can I stop that? And yes I removed every animation on me, went to default avatar and it still does it!
  14. I got some Developper kits (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink) to be able to make appliers so my textured bikinis will work on mesh bodies but the instructions in those kits are not clear to me. Is there a tutorial, a class, a text somewhere where ! can learn more about the process?
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