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  1. Does it mean I'm sending multiple requests to the server in all the multiple objects across all our regions? But we've been using this fine for almost a year and we encountered this problem just last within the week.
  2. Hi guys, just within this week we've encountered a problem on our objects using HTTP. It suddenly having 499 problem debug the scripts and php code to see what is the problem but nothing goes around. Tested the response status in LSL it seems like its having hard time to get a response from the outside server. Tested it few times and response sequence goes like this: 200, 200, 200, 499, 200, 200, 499, 499. Another thing those objects are used for almost a year now without problem and never been modified and updated by the timeline. And very awkward that my team mate object that he developed before is also having the same problem AND to clarify the we are not using the same server. Is this something to do with SL itself or problem between SL and Outside Server?
  3. Hi guys, do you have any sample script or suggestion in making a better pedal script? It seems my pedal and my avatar animation doesn't match in terms of accuracy sometimes the pedal rotate more advanced than the feet sometimes the feet is more advanced than the pedal maybe its not good using the target omega for spinning the pedal. Thanks
  4. Cool, just tested it out and it works! (level == 0), I must admit, control function article is a little confusing to me LOL, Thanks guys
  5. Sorry, little confused on this when I released all the keys or not pressing any control keys. Confused on those values LOL
  6. Hi guys, can you give me an idea on how to detect if the user release keypress in control function? I'm working on something where I want to fire some script code if the user is no longer pressing keys control W, A, S, D or Arrow Up, Left, Down, Right. Thanks :)
  7. Hi is there a way in LSL to open the profile window of a avatar or clicking a link, I manage to open a TP window using a secondlife:// in a link. I wonder if its possible in profile window also.
  8. Yes part of the same texture, since I'm done working with the wheels capability to spin according to user control if its moving forward and backward and also the spinrate of the wheels depends on the velocity of the vehicle. The only one problem left here is the turning front wheels when the vehicle rotates to left or right. I want to achieve this to make it more realistic vehicle experience
  9. My tire is only 1 object = rim + exterior. It means the graphics of the rim and exterior are in 1 texture. Can you give me a sample script of yours?
  10. Yes animating texture is much more better since I saw some examples of it. But is it possible to animate it if the wheel is only 1 object where the Rim and the wheel (exterior) is only 1 texture? or is it necessary to separate them into 2 objects? Example:
  11. Hi guys, need your help here, I'm trying to create a car wheel using target omega. For example below, the left object rotates properly using target omega. But when I rotate the object direction (like a car wheel when turning) the target omega does not follow. Note that the wheels are child prims. Since I cannot make the parent prim spin because of its main purpose. Any ideas or technique that I can use.
  12. Ok there's another thing I want to try. As you can see in the diagram (for basic reference on what I want to do). When I submit a data on the web page, that data will be sent to the object then the object will IM the avatar. There's something I want to integrate in my system for improvements. I tried the XML-RPC before but is there other better alternative way?
  13. Yes but this will only work for the same region. I want to try out the script is in "Region A" then that avatar is in the other region. The script will try to identify the avatar's global coordinates OR lets disregard the global coordinates and focus to get the Region name which the avatar is in.
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