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  1. @Alyona Su @Lindal Kidd So by all the help I guess I made an unrealistic offer, and I shall do that! Thank you both for the help
  2. @Alyona Su So I think I got the idea, but if for example I made the rate to be over 1k L$ then is it better or worse? Like I said, the 6 days passed and I didn't get any linden, why I am thinking the rate I've put is too high and it will take longer if ever to get to me
  3. @Alyona Su and if I put a higher rate then 200? Like... really high I thought it was working differently I guess
  4. Hello! I have used the rate buy of lindens and it did say 6 days, now 6 days passed and I am not sure why I did not get the lindens yet or what the 6 days stand for? Yuna Ovis
  5. Tried that already, considered going to another adoption center because I didn't find
  6. I am looking for a kid Around 4 ~ 10 years old To rp as my son in Crack Den and to be my ooc kid! Contact me Yuna Ovis
  7. Yuna Ovis

    Kid Avatar

    Well a kid! boy around 4 years old Now I saw mesh an stuff but saw that the neck didn't metch or something I want mesh and bento how much possible @.@ And human kid
  8. Yuna Ovis

    Kid Avatar

    Yeah but never was dealing with kid avis so in this I am pretty lost! And it's an avi I am making for a rp sim.
  9. Yuna Ovis

    Kid Avatar

    Alright so I want to make a kid around 4 years old Still need a little help with shops for the body and head since I know there's bento And a skin to fit my ma! Contact williamnotehem resident
  10. I am looking for a kid Around 4 ~ 10 years old To rp as my son in Crack Den and to be my ooc kid! Contact me Yuna Ovis
  11. Yuna Ovis

    Object Bug

    Oh! if it's still from yesterday then it's okie, thought it was over an stuff!
  12. Yuna Ovis

    Object Bug

    So I have a weird bug with my necklace and my AO and one HUD My AO and HUD is appearing as worn but isn't really worn on: http://prntscr.com/g1fa6d And my necklace won't rezz at all Tried to do all the avatar health and even tried different viewer, nothing!
  13. Hi! I am looking for someone to roleplay as my son in Crack Den He is 4 years old but can add a few years if wanted Brown hair, green eyes Would love to have such a roleplay again and to have a kid again!
  14. Yuna Ovis


    Now I found request timed out in one of our servers when disconnected 5 is with request timed out oh well time to talk to the ISP
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