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  1. reamme

    SL for Android

    Thank you all for answering, really appreciate it. ~hugs~
  2. reamme

    SL for Android

    Not LL though, and not free 😢
  3. reamme

    SL for Android

    Does Linden Lab have a SL viewer for Android? (even 2D is better than text client). If not, why not? When are they going to have one? (free, like their pc viewer)
  4. I can... but a couple of my friends are getting randomly logged out.. so .. the issue isn't totally fixed yet, I assume.
  5. Identified - We have identified the source of the problem and services are starting to recover. Sep 6, 19:38 PDT Yaaaay!!!!
  6. It looks like the SL clock has frozen.....
  7. Ooops... I spoke too soon... :'( Just saw my widgets back online.
  8. Seems everything is back to normal, for me, at least. Thank you LindenLabs ☺
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