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  1. I've gotten a few popups to check my Time server settings. thinking Linden Lab should do the same.
  2. I guess I'm gunna have to keep poking around and the last thing I want to do is a complete reinstall of my operating system. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yes windows does see and used it before I turned that one on in BIOS. Have gotten the latest driver from ASUS.
  4. I am not sure if anyone else had this issue before but might be something a Linden can help point out and probably help solve this issue I am having. I just put installed a network card I took out from an older system "ASUS XG-C100C 10G Network Adapter PCI-E" and all Viewers (Including Third Party)can not see this Network card. I have poked around with the BIOS and the Network & Firewall settings I got the same problem when I was using just the Network card. Now this might sound Crazy but the Viewers can only see and let me log onto SL with the On board LAN Controller. What cou
  5. This has been bugging me for a week now ever since Animesh came to Second Life. When ever someone attaches something that is Animesh it makes the avatar look deformed on Alchemy. This Question is for the Developers of Alchemy.. When will Alchemy get the update for Animesh?
  6. I have one Ran by me. Second Life Federation of Furry Gamers https://discord.gg/Wg3WxKR Anyone can join.
  7. Change your time server to time.nist.gov time.windows.com server is broken I've had this pop up and Changed the time server and worked just fine.
  8. If you haven't watched CSI than you have nothing to worry about with Furries. That one Episode has no effect for me as I have not seen it but I heard of it. However as many of you don't know Many Furries work in Information Technology (that means working at ISP's, Data Centers, Networking Building Computers or working on the Backbone Infrastructure). Most of us Furries are generally nice and accepting but there are a few Runts that aren't, just don't get discouraged when you see a Runt..
  9. Time Sync is the issue, their servers are out of Sync with the Internet Time. time.windows.com is sync issues. change it to one of the others. Change it to a different time server.
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