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  1. Premium land

    thank you both!!!
  2. Premium land

    is it possible for 2 premium members to combine their land allotment to get a bigger parcel?
  3. Problem with catwa bento head layers

    thank you both...
  4. Problem with catwa bento head layers

    this may not be the place for this, but i have been having issues with the layers for makeup with my Catwa Catya bento head. even after clearing all the layers on the head that i can think of, i still have these harsh lines....if i slide the blend slider to the right, the color/makeup fades till it's pointless to even wear it. I have tried asking in the catwa friends group but none of the suggestions i have received have worked. Please help
  5. Slow rezzing: Is it just me?

    not just you, wish i had a clue what to do... previously, same setup worked just fine. a bit slow, but nothing annoying. Now it is awful. before and after the updated firestorm