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About Me

Found 29 results

  1. Hi! I need a landscaper to work on a resort that I am currently building. The resort is on a full region with 20,000 prims. The resort is being based off of a real life resort that can be found on google earth so you'll have plenty of reference material. The theme of the resort is a modern/but also tropical resort. I am planning to put the actual hotel building in a corner of the sim, and then have an airport terminal in another corner of the sim. I want there to be a road the connects the airport to the resort. I want there to be a beautiful beach, and possibly a small jungle. I want you to do all the terraforming, road work/sidewalk, and landscaping. This will be a really well paid job. Please message me inworld, my username is Junejewels. Or you can leave a comment down below. Once you reach out we will negotiate a price. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I would like to hire a landscape designer. Im in need of a “natural” look i have been trying to work with several Cliff Hills & Fatpacks but i cant seem to like my own creations atm. I own a parcel and have around 400 free prims. Also open for tips & recommendations. Kind regards,
  3. The Inside Story - Interior Decor & Landscaping brand is hiring Landscapers!! If you are a landscaper, and looking for a job, then apply here now!! We are a team of three, and with you, we can be a team of four!! Interested applicants can apply the form from below!! We are looking forward to work with any one of you!! Good Luck!! Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1r2xk6rq4NlWkvTJl0o_IciJXOBu7V08WQwwYDgrC7Hk/viewform?edit_requested=true Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheInsideStory.x4/photos/?ref=page_internal Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/theinsidestory_/
  4. Heyy!! The Inside Story an Interior Decorator & Landscaping Business Brand In SL is looking for Landscapers & Interior Decorators!! We ensure that our clients are well satisfied!! We decor houses from a range of small to large, so as goes with landscaping!! You'll be paid weekly for this job!! It really doesn't matter if you have no experience, only creativity and talent is all matters!! Application Forms are available!! Click to apply!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1r2xk6rq4NlWkvTJl0o_IciJXOBu7V08WQwwYDgrC7Hk/viewform?edit_requested=true&fbclid=IwAR3U6O2tszjsbCGjIDZA38S5DEA_a5rlw9xAxRUyNCFLOzFVKaPI-OSQszY
  5. Are you looking for a job? Want to get hired and you are designer, or landscaper? Well worry not!! The Blueprint is hiring Designers and Landscapers. You will keep 100% of the tips you earn. Client will contact you through Facebook! The price or rate you'll keep for your design or landscaping depends on you! We do not force our staff to keep the prices as we want!! This is our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The-blueprint-107260770917066 Contact me in-world: Karenx0 Resident [ Karen M. Johnson ]
  6. I am currently looking for someone who could help to create a large landscape garden for me. If anyone is interested, please contact on here or in world (Teagan301) with images of your work and I will provide further details.
  7. Helloo, I'm an affordable landscaper looking for new projects! 'll work with you to figure out what look you want and put it together! Check out my flickr to see my other projects. Send me an IM inworld (JGuala Resident) or my SL IG @TheJayScapes to get in contact with me so we can start on your land! L$1000 for 1/32 (2048 sqm) L$2000 for 1/16 (4096 sqm) L$3000 for 1/8 (8192 sqm) L$3000 (16,384 sqm)
  8. Do you like to decorate spaces and / or landscape? Have you got an eye for detail and making spaces look "lived in"? Would you like to decorate with a vast inventory of furniture / decor at your disposal? Interested in getting involved in an ongoing and expanding project that will allow you to let your creative self out? If so, then you should contact me, Dorian Meredith. Contacting me by in world im or notecard is best. I'm looking for someone to decorate indoor spaces ( small homes ) to begin with, using my vast and ever growing inventory of items from high quality stores such as Apple Fall, Dutchie, Loft, Backbone, Stockholm & Lima etc. You're welcome to use your own items as well, though its preferred that be kept to a minimum to avoid too much overhead in buying new items. If all goes well with the interior spaces then the next step will be to decorate / landscape entire sims. A large workspace is already set up and available for you to use. If you are also a photographer / blogger that does interior design photography all the better as I am also looking for someone to do sales pictures for my mesh prefab store, by Dorian Requirements: You must be reliable and able to complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time. You must be fluent in english. You must be able to decorate to meet certain themes / genres ( ie a masculine space or a more feminine space ) Payment for services will be provided and is negotiable.
  9. I am currently in the market to start renting a Full Homestead, and am looking to hire out for the landscaping work. My general idea is to create an area of traditional Japanese architecture mixed with "enchanted forests" along with a beach area. Feel free to message me back here on the forums or in-world. Note: I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get this job done! Thank you!
  10. Hello , Searching for a landscaper that can create a desert landscaping for my commercial store sim. If capable of created a very minimalist high quality desert please contact in-world.
  11. Hey ya'll ! 🥰 Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Luna Lu here and willing to turn your blank land into your dream paradise! 🌾🌺🌼 Are you tired of looking on onto that boring blank land with maybe a few default tress in the distance?... Do you love nature and wish to look out to a water fall scene? Whelp! I am just the landscaper for you! I am affordable, fast ans accurate! I Feel to message me here or in world via note card so i can insure i receive your messages. I can complete your garden space within a day! Here are my Prices Below: These are estimate prices. Prices WILL vary depending on your land size😊 Land size approx. 4,096 sqm Price estimate: $1,500 Ls Land size approx. 3,072 sqm Price estimate: $1,000 Ls Land size approx. between 800sqm- 900 sqm Price estimate: $700 Ls I also love doing bigger Lands like 1/2 , 1/4 and Full, we can discuss those prices as well.
  12. I am on the search for someone who can design a sim for me that resembles a very realistic college campus. Please IM in-world if you are capable of doing the job. If you have more questions, IM as well. We will also discuss payment. Thanks.
  13. Seen all the Beautiful Sims in Second Life? Always thought "I CAN DO BETTER!" We are creating the BE ALL and END ALL of Resort Sims, a Full Sim Resort Island to RIVAL all others in Second Life, and we need YOU. IM Aimeleela if you think you can HELP!
  14. Seen all the Beautiful Sims in Second Life? Always thought "I CAN DO BETTER!" We are creating the BE ALL and END ALL of Resort Sims, a Full Sim Resort Island to RIVAL all others in Second Life, and we need YOU. IM Aimeleela if you think you can HELP!
  15. I want my 1024 plot (I know, very small compared to full sims and whatnot!) on the Mainland to look nice outside of my house, but I don't know how to go about finding someone who offers landscaping services. If anyone reading this is a landscaper and looking for work, please let me know.... Or if you know of any landscapers, that would be cool too. Thank in advance!
  16. Looking for a Landscaper.. Please send a note card attached with your Flickr or Instagram portfolio.
  17. You decide how much to pay me. See http://annabellwandsworth.com/interiorexterior-design/ for pics of old projects. You can also visit Talgat region which I have decorated for rentals. See my picks for a link. Contact me with any questions or for references. Annabell Wandsworth
  18. Designer, landscaper, builder looking for work. No set fees- you tip me what you think is appropriate. Full sim to parcel. Nothing too big or too small. See region Talgat which I terraformed and designed. Also see my website: annabellwandsworth.com
  19. I Am A kemono avi (but i have many other avis aswell) i mostly rp as a child (11 Yrs) so please pg jobs only i do have an adult avi if need be but i prefer my main avi which is this one.. i am great at landscaping, i am a wonderful Decorator I can provide refrences if need be, i am a good photagrapher i will put my flicker link below, i am wiling to model or blog i have done both in the past, i can be a babysitter in rp, i can make mods for clothing pretty good not the best but im decent at it, i have gyzo, photoshop, gimp, i have been an admin of a few sims before i am a good manager, i am online all day i do not log my avi off line unless i have to leave in rl but that it rather rare and i do give notice before hand, i am flexible on times, im very reliable also have refrences if need be, i have experience in many things my avi is 9 years old and i have played that whole time i have not taken breaks so yes i have experience in a lot of different things i can handle problems well, if you would like please contact me in world that is fine but know if im asleep in rl i will have a message stating so and i will get back to you ASAP, i have insomnia so i do not sleep much.. i am on EST but i am up most of the night and most of the day so im very flexible... thank you for your time <3 Tweepy Starship https://www.flickr.com/photos/124840172@N05/
  20. I have a 4096 corner lot that I'm looking to have pimped out and possibly looking for someone to setup/create a skybox as well. It's a beach/tropical theme sim, but I'm kind of leaning towards having it look more like a cottage in the woods if that's possible. I guess that would be the biggest challenge for this job. 4096, 2k prims, corner with sunset views that i'd like to incorporate into the design. The skybox would be an additional job and I"m not 100% sure how that'll go until the lower level is finished. If you're interested, hit me up. We can discuss time / fees / etc. I don't have much in the way of landscaping items on my avatar so I will be relying on the landscaper to either provide or tell me what I need to purchase. Any other questions, please ask in world. Puppies and Kittens, Vash
  21. Hi All, Looking for a Sim Builder / Landscaper to Create an Forest with Castle on an Empty Sim. Happy to use Prefabs to make this a Quick Job. IM Kor Clip
  22. I'm looking to hire a sim designer to build a gorean themed area. It'll generally have a medieval fantasy theme. It's not a full city but instead a villa set up with one economic purpose. Of course we can get into more details in person. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/384917099388508524/ The homestead is completely untouched, has the full 5000 prims and you will be terraforming, building structures, landscaping, etc. It's your canvas to paint on. You can reply here or IM me inworld at Olympia Oakleaf. Please have examples of previous work available. Thank you!
  23. Hiya~ I am currently looking for someone to landscape a new homestead I bought - 65,536 sqm (50,000 prim). Ideally, I would like to transform this flattened island region into an open tropical beach layout. I can afford to pay handsomely whomever chooses to take on this project - I just have no idea what I am doing! Feel free to reply in this thread, or message me in SL and we can get the ball rolling!!
  24. No job too big or small dont have many pics uploaded but here is our flickr to show some of the work https://www.flickr.com/photos/bratpacklandscaping/ any questions please IM me inworld mayzatourment
  25. Hello all! I'm seeking some work! I am an environmental builder in second life. If anyone out there has a new sim or is in need of a project completed, I specialize in landscaped role play environments, thus far having covered modern urban/steampunk, fantasy medieval and Gorean fantasy sims, as well as personal homesteads and commercial suburb community. Please visit my website for galleries of my work and more information Contact me in world if interested. Seralath Resident http://buildsbysera.weebly.com/
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