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  1. When you look into a mirror and you are surprised to see your real life face.
  2. This is what i have read on the interent by staff at linden labs. 1) land will be 10's of dollars not hundreds like it is is in second Life 2) If you want to have as big as all the land in second life you can 3) You will be able to take your account with you. (Can use the same account for both worlds) 4) You will be able to create things like you do in Sl but with mesh not prims or sculpties. 5) Your inventory will not be able to transer to Sansar. (possile mesh item can) That all i have been able to glean from the internet.
  3. this might be what you need Spot on Choreography System seacrh Market place then visit the store for demo maybe more than you need but it really easy to use
  4. just look in the search under Classifeds - Land rentall If you want all your studentd to build at once you will need a sim but if you are doing it in small groups a small peice of land would suffice Also you should figure out roughly how many prims are needed for each student will need. Note using the convex hull feature found under edt - features will cut your prims in half in most cases hope this helps
  5. Ask some you trust to log into your acount and have them removed you . Then as soon as possible change your password.
  6. I know what you mean. The pre paid cards like what facebook uses. You buy the card for x amount of dollars and then you enter the code on the back of the card and the equal amount is put into your account. Good Question! I suspect the reason is that when you buy lindens it doesnt come from LL but from people who are trading their lindens for real life money. Using prepade games card would not work as sometime you have to wait for enough people to trade their lindens before you can get them What you can do is set up a pay pal account and use that to buy your lindens. It will come right out of your back account. Google pay pal I hope this helps you
  7. This worked for me Try wearing one of the basic avatars the you chose from when you first logged in to sl They are in the library part of your inventory.
  8. Are you trying to long in with an old computer. Are you in a very busy sim? Lag can make you be unable to move.
  9. And i love voice in sl. But like previous poster said it has some problems if you dont have a good mic. So dont go cheap! A wired mic is best! Voice in Second Life is like useing a CB radio. You can't talk at the same time as another person. Makes you real good a listening lol
  10. Are you posting in the correct catergoy. Moderators will delete your post if you have it posted where it shouldnt be.
  11. sorry no one as answered you Many of us would are not familiar with the process as we are not designers. Thinking out of the box have you got the right file extenstion on your mesh file that that you want to upload. i know it requires a certain one. Thats the best that i can do
  12. it could be a driver issue try using a previous driver hope this helps
  13. in your voise settings under preferences try setting it to default if that doesnt work then select your sound card or chip. Some times a clean reinstall will fix the problem. Also check and see if your voice is work outside of second life if it still doesnt Try reinstall your sound drivers. Stlll not work try another headset No then buy a new head setset Still no then buy a new sound card if that what you are using hope this helps
  14. Roche Runo

    jobs hiering

    Click on search then classifieds on the left hand side of the window that pops up then select employment. Choose what you think you would like. I have worked in sl for 8 plus years and i never used real life money. Many people use real life money and their inventories are filled with items they only used a couple of times. Now having said that if you have lots of excess money in real life then yes use a credit card to buy lindens.
  15. You didnt mention what your object is but if its is something you want to stand or walk on you can just put down an invisible prim. Hope this helps.
  16. It is terrible when this happens as you feel so helpless and as the the previsous answer as suggested file a ticket. It maybe someone has found out your password and is using your account to cause trouble. When you do just stick to the facts. They wont care about your life story just ask them to tell you why you were banned Hope things work out for you
  17. Whey you buy something in second life or from the market place, the item your purchesed is made of of prims(parts). If you right click on something and select edit you will see the parts highlighted with a blue glow. The box that pops up when you click on it will tell you the number of prims the object uses. You are limited to 100 prims. So all the items(objects) that you put in can only add up to 100 prims. Now there is a way around that but not all landowners all alow that so check with yours before you do that. You can link non-scripted items together and use the convex hull feature. Just goggle Second life Linking prims and Second life Convex Hull . Hope that helps
  18. Yes, it is worth it. You can make a lot of lindens doing it. I have never had to use real life money to have fun in sl. And i think your are under a misception. A good dj not only talks but loves to interact and enterain people. Now you will get hired as some places if you dont talk. But your tips will not be a good and you fan base will not be a good. And uaully you are so busy behind the scenes that you wont notice the gestures Good luck
  19. damn you foundd out i am not perferct. lol I am one of the those people who type my comments as am thinking them. Hences mising letter or words, wronp spellings, and missing or wrong punctuations. happen also because i think faster than i type lol I know there are people out there who think that is terrible and unproffestional. Hey you like your life the way you see it and i live mine. but i will admit the comments started to make me self consiouns. But that only lasted a second. Whydo people find it necessary to correct peoples spelling. It is because of some superiorty complexe? Is it because you cant live withseeing a mistake with out correting it. or is because you just want to be noticed? Note i am not attacing you i am just curiious why this happens. and this is totally of the topic of my original post which was to compliment some people who worked hard to help people. Shame on you lol
  20. One of the reasons and i think its the main one is sexaual. A lot of people would freek at the thought of haveing sex with the same gender. To prevent this from happening they ask to make them selves feel better. Some people will lie any way so its not fool proof system for negating it happening. Funny how knowing it is worse thatn it actually happinng . I wouldnt lie. Be upfront you may find people dont care. When you lie you take away the option to make a decision for themselves be proud of who you are. If your comfortable put it in your profile. If some askes Just asy yes and i am a man/wona in real life but i prefer to play a man/woman in SL. and leave it at that . i my sell dont lie about who i am now Note this is just about who i am not my name unless i have known them for a year or more.
  21. I should have used a different term Even when i typeing politcal issues i knew it didnt sound right. Let me try again. clubs are no place for intense compicated differences of opionions. Is to have fun and if you are not having fun because of anything that bothers you have optiions s that you can use rather than demand your way. Canada has strong hate speech and hate crime laws. but our laws are based on the end result. You can wear a shirt with a swastika on it. But if you cause harm to someone based on the your belief in the what the sybol stands for you will be proscecuted. So you can wear a shirt that says i hate gays. But if you harm one and they find that shirt you will be charged with hate crime.
  22. And i totally respect your decision to do that . Oh and i am canadian. But i ask you to consider why you are doing it. Is it you r fear it hate it belived that if it was allowed it will happen again? Just curious feel free not to answer my question if it would bother you to do so
  23. oh i agree totally I am very big propenent of vips take responsiblity for their own issues. Club owners are not there to fight your battles for you. And i dont accept notecards as proof because notecards can be altered. Turn arway mute or come back another night when the object of the concern. Any club owner who does otherwise is just asking for drama. Thank you for your comment
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