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  1. I have a friend I put my trust in... (going to be vague) a few days ago he told me something to get rid of me so he could do something without me. I would not have cared about it anyway. it was nothing strange. 1/I feel a hurt he did not feel confortable enough including me or trust me with what he was doing. it was really nothing so I don't understand? if he wanted rid so I would not feel bad for being left out well it had the exact opposite effect. I liked him enough that I would have understood and left if he had just asked. 2/I feel insulted that I was expected to buy the explanation I was given. something that would probably would not have fooled a kid. (smoking gun at the scene) been holding my tongue so far but I wondered if I should be honest and confront him? it could cause falling out and hurt feelings all round or just ignore it and play along to keep everone happy and hope it dosn't not happen again?
  2. @Syo Emerald. thanks also the signature is quite fitting @Amethyst Jetaime. someone took me to get a free bod which I went along with. after It was setup said something like "you look a lot better now" I understand they were genuinely trying to help in this case but it left me thinking to myself "I liked the way my old body looked" There was a case where someone just seemed like they were being horrible under the guise of being "honest" just so they could insult and pick my current avatar to pieces and tell me to spend 10+ real USD on a new one (again I like my old one) @Bobbie Faulds Happy you touched on the other subject I thought no one was going to give an opinion Smiley Happy @Rhonda Huntress second line made me smile, makes me want to keep my RL stuff to myself as I was already doing. @MissTeriMahn I had already invested some $ but I didn't want to spend more because I was told about SL2, I may not have spent at all if I had known. anyway downside to starting over means Im going to have nothing (well I have L$500 left over enough to make an alt with a few basics if I would like) Starting over was just a consideration about SL2 I don't understand why they would want to kill the economy and community by starting everything instead of just fixing and working on improving the existing system? I have played lots of games and this it looks good and had loads of effort put into it, seems a waste to throw that all away? Sorry If I didn't reply to everything I did read everything and thank you all very much for the advice, I will try not concern myself too much with what other people think
  3. I agree some are probably genuinly trying to help me but one of the main things people were trying to change was my shape, I am happy with it currently and don't want to be this unrealistic wall of mussicle I see almost everyone else walking around with. (a few were trying to change me into
  4. just a few things on my mind. first up character gender... I avoid giving out any RL details or have discussions about RL and I have never been directly asked or claimed to be my in-game gender but people automatically seem to go there are assume I am the same gender as my avatar. I was wondering if I ignore it or just don't correct them is it bad / a lie? and is RL gender important ? (assuming I don't wish to divulge any RL details?) second friends .. I have met some really nice people, qwerky niceish people that were into "odd" things and then just some bad Id rather avoid. My first week here I admit to being bad. going to places doing things I maybe shouldn't have (^_^) (nothing too bad) but everything was new and I was just messing around. I didn't think I would enjoy or plan to stick around as long as I have so maybe added a couple of undesirables along the way. undesirables that I wouldn't want my regular friends know I had had hung out with. Then some that seemed nice to start with but now come across as more of a hassle, want to be more than friends which I was not interested in. Then a few others that feel like they are trying to change my avatar from what I currently have and like into something that they think is "acceptable". "you should use this mesh-body" "you need this skin" "you are too small" "you need a better shape..." "mesh clothing" etc... I know they may be trying to help but feels like they are trying to spend my $ for me. overall I actually ended up enjoying SL a lot more than I thought I would but not for the reasons joined, a lot of what I mention despite spending a few thousand $ leaves me feeling like I just want to start over fresh and do better with the knowledge I have this time around... a 3rd life? should I start over? curious to see peoples thoughts :) thanks
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