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  1. well seems i got to save up lindens doing both games linden realms, paleoquest, mayb one day the owner might return but i will for get about them and move on
  2. Hi is there any other way to get refunds? because the store owner of beautiful dig power is no longer on secondlife and i brought double purchases of the items BDP Jessica and Jackets for Jessica
  3. Alright, I did got the item that was delivered, just asked a question and wanted to know how transcation code is, ok, i'll try the contact support thign is well, thanks and im all good now
  4. Hello, i brought this mesh avatar of W2F that has an avatar with an outfit that im addicted about and i did download the XLS transcation file for the transcation code and wondering where i use it for a redelivery, so where i can use this transcation code for redelivery? because that owner of W2F (welcome 2 future) owner isnt on anymore
  5. Hello, i was contacting some person for the item i wanted back and they ask for the info and was looking in to the transaction date and the date being avalible at 32 days and not the reast of the mnths and days so where can i try to find the rest of the months and days?
  6. Hey i might want some of my items back, you know when Merchant ever gonna be back?
  7. I want to know how to do the redelivery items, i use to have maitreya mesh body lara, lelutka mesh heads, bluerry outfits, kc shoes, Tyron bdpand everything til i made a mistake and deleted it
  8. Thats a bunch of a baloney, why not SecondLife never make a redeen code cards and sold em in stores for everyone else to buy instead of for the people that had to get jobs and work for lindens and had to be having a hard time going through linden realms tryin to collect crystals to save up linden money and just had to go with using the credit cards to buy linden money, i done that before and i feel bad i wasted my money up on that thing and i had to cancel the credit card and with out it i wont be able to buy anymore cool stuff i wanted, so come on its not that bigga deal, i really wish some
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