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  1. Hello i was wondering why my debit card keeps being declined it is visa and not prepaid?
  2. hello everyone i used to have voice chat working but suddenly the mic button got greyed out i tried turning off my firewall ,deactivating my antiviruses and reading all solutions on the forums but nothing worked some worked for 1 or 2 days then again same problem please help me ty in advance i use firestorm btw but the problem is on all viewers
  3. hi everyone sl voice in all viewers has stopped suddenly everything else is working fine it works when i clean cache for minutes then stop again what should i do
  4. hi i uploaded a mesh kit that turned to be unrigged but it looked like proper clothing but after i rigged it it had that shape with sections in it
  5. HEY CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE I JUST DELETED AN EVENTfrom sl calender and when i tried to repost it it said a duplicate of it exists but i am sure its not there ,and is there a way to change the sl event cover?
  6. the Cavern Club and venue a new venue for live performers IS HIRING WE are LOOKING FOR: *Talented live performers All kinds and genre (ACOUSTIC is preferred but not a necessity) *HOSTS for live sets (experience not required but a plus ) "should be more than 30 days old with a good looking av and knows how to send notices ,group invites , sl events" *all we need is a friendly staff welcoming and outgoing with guests * TIPS 100 PERCENT FOR HOSTS AND LIVE PERFORMERS/Payment will discussed with live singers *training if needed for hosts* IF U R LOOKING FOR FUN PLACE THEN THIS IS YOUR PLACE we will be happy to hear from you IM ( goldenroses (ѫɢσℓĐɪε- вιⓈⒽєℓℓαѫ)) to discuss hiring or send notecard due to capped messages http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nord/82/115/2502 or visit us
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