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  1. When you look into a mirror and you are surprised to see your real life face.
  2. This is what i have read on the interent by staff at linden labs. 1) land will be 10's of dollars not hundreds like it is is in second Life 2) If you want to have as big as all the land in second life you can 3) You will be able to take your account with you. (Can use the same account for both worlds) 4) You will be able to create things like you do in Sl but with mesh not prims or sculpties. 5) Your inventory will not be able to transer to Sansar. (possile mesh item can) That all i have been able to glean from the internet.
  3. this might be what you need Spot on Choreography System seacrh Market place then visit the store for demo maybe more than you need but it really easy to use
  4. just look in the search under Classifeds - Land rentall If you want all your studentd to build at once you will need a sim but if you are doing it in small groups a small peice of land would suffice Also you should figure out roughly how many prims are needed for each student will need. Note using the convex hull feature found under edt - features will cut your prims in half in most cases hope this helps
  5. Ask some you trust to log into your acount and have them removed you . Then as soon as possible change your password.
  6. I know what you mean. The pre paid cards like what facebook uses. You buy the card for x amount of dollars and then you enter the code on the back of the card and the equal amount is put into your account. Good Question! I suspect the reason is that when you buy lindens it doesnt come from LL but from people who are trading their lindens for real life money. Using prepade games card would not work as sometime you have to wait for enough people to trade their lindens before you can get them What you can do is set up a pay pal account and use that to buy your lindens. It
  7. This worked for me Try wearing one of the basic avatars the you chose from when you first logged in to sl They are in the library part of your inventory.
  8. Are you trying to long in with an old computer. Are you in a very busy sim? Lag can make you be unable to move.
  9. And i love voice in sl. But like previous poster said it has some problems if you dont have a good mic. So dont go cheap! A wired mic is best! Voice in Second Life is like useing a CB radio. You can't talk at the same time as another person. Makes you real good a listening lol
  10. Are you posting in the correct catergoy. Moderators will delete your post if you have it posted where it shouldnt be.
  11. sorry no one as answered you Many of us would are not familiar with the process as we are not designers. Thinking out of the box have you got the right file extenstion on your mesh file that that you want to upload. i know it requires a certain one. Thats the best that i can do
  12. it could be a driver issue try using a previous driver hope this helps
  13. in your voise settings under preferences try setting it to default if that doesnt work then select your sound card or chip. Some times a clean reinstall will fix the problem. Also check and see if your voice is work outside of second life if it still doesnt Try reinstall your sound drivers. Stlll not work try another headset No then buy a new head setset Still no then buy a new sound card if that what you are using hope this helps
  14. Roche Runo

    jobs hiering

    Click on search then classifieds on the left hand side of the window that pops up then select employment. Choose what you think you would like. I have worked in sl for 8 plus years and i never used real life money. Many people use real life money and their inventories are filled with items they only used a couple of times. Now having said that if you have lots of excess money in real life then yes use a credit card to buy lindens.
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