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  1. FugQ Daxter wrote:Sorry if this sounds like the makings of a bad soap opera plot but this person is dear to me and this is on the verge of ruining a friendship. No. What's ruining your friendship is your refusal to believe the word of your friend. Frankly, if I were her, I'd have told you to stuff it the moment you first implied that she was lying to you.
  2. If you have space on your desktop, don't throw your old monitor away - most modern video cards and operating systems will support two monitors, and the benefit of having your virtual world on one while you're doing all other other stuff (web, email, texture creation etc..) on the other can't be overstated. They don't even need to be the same resolution - I have a 1280x1024 and a 1920x1080 side by side, and they work perfectly well together.
  3. JamesTasman wrote:- A photocopy of your credit card ending # 0479 (front & back) NEVER EVER send ANYONE a photocopy of the back of your credit card - it will have your security code on it.
  4. Vania Chaplin wrote: That’s the major problem here; OP has to pay for a full year to have her account back. But if they'd been a monthly payer, only a month would be required ? - that's a bit rough on someone who has had sufficient faith in LL to pay a year ahead previously.
  5. Could someone please clarify a point for me ? Does the OP have to renew for a whole year simply because they were an annual member last year, or can they renew for a month or two to 'get their affairs in order', and then revert to Basic ?
  6. Funny how it's always "My friend" on these posts and never "Me"... Whoever it is, it's a despicable act of deliberate, premediated theft, and LL simply doesn't need people like "your friend" polluting the grid.
  7. Nathaniel Flores wrote: This is partly why my once-Premium alt was downgraded the moment I heard about this policy. I didn't want to risk losing the account if something happened and I couldn't make the payment. Same for me. I dropped my land and Premium a/c last year after discovering all the different ways LL could shaft me, without consultation or recompense. It will take quite a lot to restore my confidence in the Lab.
  8. Holocluck Henly wrote: Woo - what about add attachment? Sorry, haven't got a clue. For SL, I use the SL Vn 1 Viewer. I use Imp on a different grid which doesn't support extra attachments,
  9. Redae wrote: Hopefully this guy gets that we don't want him here and finds somewhere else to troll. I hate to tell you, but the fact you don't want him here is *precisely* what attracts him...
  10. Tanaka Nosferatu wrote: My girlfriend just signed up for SL. I've been on since 06. I use imprudence. She wants to use imprudence as well but the login has a last name field and the new logins just have the one name slot. Any ides on how to get by this? We tried entering the username in both slots and that didn't work. The latest Imp (Imprudence 1.4.0 Experimental 2011.04.02 (Apr 2 2011 14:14:38)) implements logging-in with a single username.
  11. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: For instance it would be very import to know the ratio of "Basic but PIOF/PMU users" to "premium account users." Even PIOF isn't too reliable an indication. In the days before the non-USA Paypal debacle I had a main AV and 3 alts, all of which I used regularly. Only the main AV was PIOF, but that AV passed the other alts L$ as necessary - so they were economically beneficial to LL despite lacking any outward sign of that fact.
  12. Sling Trebuchet wrote: It's very silly. The LL Forums are meant to be PG. We can't talk about 'Adult' stuff there. {SNIP} This is absolutely spot on Sling, I agree with every word you wrote here.
  13. Darrius Gothly wrote: Arkady Arkright wrote: All the years I've used Firefox, and I never knew that was there - thanks :-) Arkady, It's not Firefox ... that's a feature of Media Wiki, the software that Linden Lab (and many others) use to provide most of their online documentation. It's also the same software at the base of wikipedia.com and their suite of ___pedia websites. It's good stuff. Much better than any of the other competitors IMO. Right, thanks for the info.
  14. All the years I've used Firefox, and I never knew that was there - thanks :-)
  15. How do you square this :- Michael Fairplay wrote: GD implies a free for all and that is the mentality that needs to go. with this ? Michael Fairplay wrote: This is the way the world would be, A better place for you and me if everyone would just let everyone be.
  16. Irene Muni wrote: See "history" and compare selected versions. From december I can only see changes about the toll free numbers. I can't see anything about 'Compare selected versions' on my 'History', what browser are you using, please ?
  17. Irene Muni wrote: About the problems with Paypal for non-US Residents, the source is your own Official articles: see http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Local_Payments_FAQ#What_payment_methods_are_available.3F I see that the page you refer to was last updated 10 days ago, do we know what changed ?
  18. Not long ago, I used to spend enough to pay for a Premium account, 1/8 sim tier, and a fair amount of spending money. Since LL no longer permits me to use my preferred and long-established (non-USA) PayPal to give them money directly, I don't give them any at all - I reverted to Basic, sold my land, and eke out a little leisure-spending using what few L$ I have left in my account. I refuse to give the unknown gambling company currently used by LL, or a 3rd party unkown to me, my CC details - so, once my remaining L$ are gone, I expect I will be as well.
  19. Blondin Linden wrote: Nevaeh Davi wrote: Got a reply from Local payment support saying the lindex and paypal methods are down in sl at the moment for members outside the us. Well - the good news is that isn't true. Who did you speak with that told you that? I'd be curious as to the support path you took in order to correct any misinformation. Thanks Blondin Are you saying that Paypal is working again outside the USA, Blondin ? - specifically, is Paypal working for new users in the UK now ?
  20. @Arkady. Not sure I understand how that would work, but I suppose it could. It does not sound good, so lets hope it is, as you say, just a suggestion and not a fact... - Luc - My understanding is that LL switched the contract for the job of handling customer's money to an American online gambling company last year (not sure who had it before). My vague recollection of discussions at the time was that no-one had thought to check that the new company actually handled Paypal outside the US. We were promised that it was 'temporary' and 'would be fixed as soon as possible' but, in typical LL fas
  21. Persephone Emerald wrote: Victorian towns shouldn't have Tudor buildings. On this one item I'd have to disagree with you - towns evolve, a place like York now has buildings dated from before the vikings up to the 21st century - so, depicted in the Victorian age, it will will have Victorian, Tudor, Viking and even earlier structures.
  22. Cheval wrote: I understand that Second Life is a way to escape from reality, but when you make friends...you should be able to rely on them to tell you the truth. If you don't wish to reveal anything...just say so. Lying to others hurts them. I suspect you've been lied to recently... I have no issue with it. I have RL friends I know to be liars - I make allowances for them, because they are friends - I just don't believe anything they say without double-checking. If you make friendship conditional on anything it isn't friendship, it's just a close acquaintanceship for your own adva
  23. Luc Starsider wrote: I didn't see any reference to it in the thread, but does anybody know why they stopped accepting Paypal as payment method for non-us citizens? - Luc - I vaguely recall some suggestion that nobody at LL actually checked before they replaced the company doing their payment stuff, and that they were as surprised as we were.
  24. Catwise Yoshikawa wrote: If you are using paypal and you are outside the US don't delete payment info or you won't be able do add it again ;-) I actually have a working paypal that I could use - but I'm not going to take the risk of owning land when the unsupported non-US Paypal facility could disappear at any moment, leaving me unable to pay my tier and at risk of losing all I might have built.
  25. It's simple really - stop buying stuff and paying tier, then it won't matter how badly LL screw up the payment system. I sold my land and went Basic when LL stopped accepting Paypal outside the US, and I've seen nothing since that might persuade me to start spending again. I simply can't comprehend why a large, established company would deliberately make it hard for their customers to give them money - frankly, they don't deserve to stay in business if that's the best they can do.
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