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  1. Peewee Musytari wrote: This is blatent advertising which is against the forum rules. Soft Linden's suggestion for forum discussion is clearly aimed at the people that commented OT on the JIRA. Sorry, what's being advertised by whom ? And are you suggesting JIRA's can't be mentioned on the forum even when requested by a Linden ?
  2. Irene Muni wrote: Perhaps you can edit the title and add "about Phantom Zone" for a quick undertand reading the forums I'm trying to give this thread the best chance of staying up, against great odds...
  3. Please check-out JIRA ARVD-37 for important information concerning the security of your SL experience. Mentors: Please check with Soft Linden before deleting this post, as he has specifically requested and recommended that this issue be reported to, and discussed on, these forums.
  4. Chris Norse wrote: "Don't matter how many 'attaboys' you got, one "ah sxxt' will erase them and follow you everywhere you go." I'm obviously lacking some cultural reference here, what does that actually mean ?
  5. Once again apples & oranges - in the SL case you might lose a sim you paid hundreds of dollars for, with a further few hundred dollars in unused tier - if the sort of movie theatres you attend cost that much, you must be seeing much better movies than me...
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: This is the way life works sometimes. Forums can ban you, blogs can keep you from posting comments, landowners can toss you off without notice and you can login one day and see two n00bs trying out your sexbed. You're comparing apples and oranges - none of the above involve being arbitrarily barred from land you have paid for but can't sell, with goods you have paid for and possibly an income from rental you can no longer receive. There's no real financial loss in your examples, but arbitrary 'justice' from LL can incur a real financial cost with no genuine route of a
  7. Lots of websites have always trawled information about SL users, try googling your avatar name sometime.
  8. Hover over an item on the Home Page and you'll see a little 'x' appear on its right hand edge, click that to 'Hide' that particular item. If you're using 'NoScript' you'll need to enable JavaScript to see the 'x'.
  9. I came to look at the technology, but I stayed because of the people.
  10. Peewee Musytari wrote: The ability to switch the feed off, by going to Settings > Privacy tab & changing it to Nobody. It wasnt` there when the feed was first launched. Ah yes, thanks.
  11. Peewee Musytari wrote: The adding of the switch has to be the fastest update to a new feature ever, but its good to see that not all of the Lindens have flipped their switch "yet" lol Erm... What switch ?
  12. You might want to check-out this blog entry before you take the plunge... Edit: and this Guardian (UK) article
  13. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: I can see why Linden Lab shut down their offices in Europe. With a business presence there, this latest scheme could have been subject to European data privacy laws, and likely illegal. As SL is marketed in Europe, don't the European laws apply anyway ?
  14. Where does this ludicrous sense of entitlement come from ? You not only want to freeload on other people's generosity (they pay for the land after all), you want them punished for withdrawing that generosity for any reason you don't agree with. I suggest you go and try that attitude out in the real world, and see just how far it gets you...
  15. AmyNevilly wrote:As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Member. Congratulations, AmyNevilly! See Member definition 1b...
  16. Faithless Babii wrote: apparently this is the brainchild of the redZone creator.I have had absolutely no dealings with either redzone or its maker in the past so Im curious why hes sending me anything? I thought the redzone creator had been banned ?
  17. Innula Zenovka wrote: Since Dragonfishtech.com, the payment handlers, are subject to EU data protection law and EU gaming regulation,as are their owners, 888.com (who are a UK company), and many of their customers -- e.g. Littlewoods Pools, a name that will mean something to Brits, if to no one else -- they're subject to a much tighter compliance regime with their data handling than is LL or most other US companies, and have considerably more to lose if things go wrong. Thanks Innula, I wasn't aware of that. I'd still like to see it run for 6 months without problems before I trust it,
  18. Regardless of the principle involved here, non-USA residents have a problem with the mechanism for PIOF. I was both Premium and PIOF until SL handed their payment collection over to a gambling house; subsequent events reported on these forums and others have persuaded me to revert to Basic and remove my payment info until SL demonstrates considerably more competence and trustworthiness in this area. I'd like SL to provide a non-USA payment system which actually works well for at least 6 months (without it refusing legitimate payments, causing the banning of innocent residents and deletion of
  19. Dakota Linden wrote: Greetings! If one or more of your products was unlisted but you are unsure why, it is recommended that you submit a Support Case instead of just re-listing the item. if you had to delete the original listing to re-list the item, then that is a violation of the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. If you just click on the List link on the entry on your Manage Inventory list without correcting the issue, there is a good chance your product will be removed/blocked on the Marketplace if the item is found again with the same Listing Guideline violation. When
  20. Suella Ember wrote: Ciaran Laval wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Luc Starsider wrote: Then make that into a poll: Which pie is best? And then a million alternatives.... (How many pies are there?) - Luc - You could just go with: Cream pie Custard pie Fruit pie Meat pie Pot pie Pizza pie Pie charts Pie menus I'm severely disturbed and don't like any kind of pie what-so-ever ...Dres ETA: I almost forgot: 10. Cheese pie *waves at Suella* Steak and Kidney Steak and Onion Chicken and Mushroom Balti! Meat and potato (specifically from Wright's Pies!) I know, i know
  21. Void Singer wrote: you can read more about it by looking at FJ lindens posts elsewhere on the forums, which has links to more info. Thanks Void, but i'd say that what the rest of us non-USA people are lumbered with at the moment is no better than Beta software anyway.
  22. Void Singer wrote: the beta was opt-in for a limited number of non-us users in certain areas... noone that wasn't in the beta should be affected, and you'd know if your were in it Oops, my misunderstanding - but you can perhaps understand why I was confused... ...Or should I take it that the system which all these posters are complaining about in this thread is tried, trusted and has passed all its test stages (including Beta) with flying colours before going live as the perfect technology it now is ? Edit: why does this forum software insist on putting my response in italic ? I d
  23. FJ Linden wrote: We are continuing to work through technical and policy issues that are identified through the beta test of our new billing system. Could you please clarify just how many of your loyal customers are having their bank and credit-card accounts put at risk by being forcibly subjected to this unasked-for and damaging 'Beta-test' ?
  24. Charolotte Caxton wrote: If I have SL open in one monitor and the web open in the other monitor, does it cause SL to perform better or worse? I think that depends mainly on the video card itself - I had a 6-year old PC with a relatively modern video card which ran that combination perfectly well at a 'Good' graphics setting. As with PC's themselves, so it is with video cards - the more memory you can stuff in, the better they will perform.
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