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  1. I feel the same Peewee, I wont touch this system, I think its incredible that LL can even ask this sort of thing. I will see what they reply to an email I've sent to them, if of interest I will post it:)
  2. Back again :-) I've decided that under no circumstances will I send the details these people ask for and have written in reply to their email saying so. I will continue with the existing system of having to go through the security checks. The risk is unacceptable and for Linden to ask this of users is in my mind unacceptable also.
  3. Hi all, Well I have now managed to check with LL in the states and Europe. This is a new system for at least Western European users. The company mentioned in the original post is genuine and is carrying out LLs security checks. This is, as the email says, to enable international users to verify their details and not have to go through further security checks each time they wish to purchase L$. There is a new international freephone number for billing support 008 007 1237123. I have to say that the original email could have been worded a little differently maybe or SL users should have been informed about this in advance, but I guess that would have been hard to do. Thanks for all your comments and do pass this new number around. James :-)
  4. Thanks for the numbers Wildcat, Ill try contacting them but I am fairly certain it is fraud. The original email had a url at the top (where it came from), the forum rejected it as false when i tried to copy it to the the post, also the address is wrong it should read "my.secondlife.com" not as it is shown on the email. Ill check it anyway and post tomrrow
  5. Hi Peewee, yes its fraud, the address/link is false, is not as it should be, the "my" is in the wrong place and no one would ask for a photocopy of a credit card, front and back, and an ID photocopy. Credit card payments are now verified, outside the US, by secure online systems run by the card issuers, via the Cashier, as is my case, so further "verification" is fraud :-)
  6. I just recieved the message below, obviously fraud but i felt some one should know about it. Many SL users are not familiar with the system and may get caught. Operations Department - Second Life to me show details 2:48 PM (2 hours ago) Dear Resident, I am Paramjit B. from the Operations Department at Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. I am contacting you with regards to your Linden Lab account with username "JamesT asm". As part of our continued efforts to provide confidence and security for all of our members, we will always seek to verify the ownership of any credit cards used to make a deposit. As such your account may experience enhanced security steps at deposit stage, including processing through Verified By Visa or Mastercard Secure. To process your deposits without this requirement and in order to become a fully verified customer, please send us the following documentation – - A photocopy of your credit card ending # 0479 (front & back) - A photocopy of your national identity document such as an ID card, Passport or Driver's License These documents can be sent to us by you uploading them through the link: http://secondlife.com/my/account/billing-verification Please copy and paste the above address directly to your web browser. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. You will then be guided through a simple process to upload the requested documentation. Please note that to ensure the security of your documents we have implemented powerful security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the financial security of our Residents. However, please make sure that you block the middle 8 numbers of any credit/debit card uploaded and also block the CVV (3 digit code) on the back of such cards. If you have any further queries with regards to our requests please review first our Frequently Asked Questions, located on the “Contact Us” tab of the website. Here you will find all the information on why we routinely request documents, how it is possible to send these documents, and the type of documents that we will accept. All these questions and more are answered by typing in the relevant key words to the Frequently Asked Questions search option. Many thanks for your continued patience and co-operation in this matter. Regards Paramjit B. Payment Operations Second Life Operations@payments.secondlife.com
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