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  1. It's a *virtual* world - no concepts have any validity, that's the whole point.
  2. JegStiger wrote: Ohmygoditgoesonforever... Paragraphs
  3. Must play havoc with stock rotation, I hope they don't do it with perishables...
  4. Harley Hynes wrote: I am getitng tired of loggingin everyday and having random people IM me and tell me i have Alts . "Random people" ?? you mean complete strangers who for no reason whatsoever take the trouble to IM you out of the blue and tell you they know you have alts ? There's something not quite right about this complaint...
  5. Storm Clarence wrote: Arkady Arkright wrote: Krystina Ferraris wrote: He is however a pompous jerk who hides behind "freedom of speech". Seeing that he's declared himself an 'Enemy Of The State' to avoid answering rape allegations in another state... FIFY That is quite blatantly and deliberately untrue - so, par for the course...
  6. Krystina Ferraris wrote: He is however a pompous jerk who hides behind "freedom of speech". Seeing that he's been declared an 'Enemy Of The State' by a country that assumes for itself the right to kill anyone, anywhere in the world, without judicial oversight, I'd say he has every reason to hide behind something.
  7. Darkness Anubis wrote: /derail Arkady your sig line has given me a heck of an idea for the name of a mesh clothing business. "do not fold spindle or mutilate" given some of the wierd wild distortions you can get when making rigged mesh that is SOOOOOOOOOO appropos! /end derail Feel free, I nicked it off some official form in the first place...
  8. So I was right, you did fit in perfectly - and got exactly what you deserved... To others here, lest you believe this claptrap - I've never seen a thread on SLU defending paedophilia, I don't think any poster doing so would last very long over there, frankly.
  9. JeanneAnne wrote: the fantasy reality is in your head Charolotte .. how much did you get for your soul? im not going away .. why dont you? Jeanne I think you'd fit right in on SLU...
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: I don't know anyone who has bandwith limits on their internet, I guess that has to do with where you live in the world. Quite common in the UK. My limit is 50Gb/month - not normally a problem, but with this bug I could use that in a week, and end up having to pay for all the extra Gb I've used at the end of the month (without knowing I'd used them until the bill arrived).
  11. I'm sorry, but I can't find any proof or sense in anything you say, it's just made-up mumbo-jumbo in an attempt to bamboozle others into thinking you know what you're talking about.
  12. 16 wrote: assertion: there is no God Assertion: there is a god. Assertion: there are many gods. Assertion, we live on a flat disc disc on the back of four elephants, who are in turn on the back of a giant turtle. Assertion: the tooth fairy exists. ... Anyone can play that game, it is meaningless.
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