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  1. Marigold Devin wrote: {Good sound advice} Fifthly - never accept gifts from strangers, especially attachments or clothing. You can let yourself in for all sort of things from being bitten by a vampire to being griefed every time you log on if you're not careful about what you accept.
  2. FluorideSting wrote:So here I was minding my own business, editing my new SL home, I was adding a lower balcony and some invisible prims for a guard railing. Nothing out of the ordinary, then I go to link everything together and all of a sudden my entire house has absolutily no collision at all, despite any settings inside any of the prims. I even tried unlinking the prims again and the issue still persists. Is your root prim phantom ?
  3. Having been soundly drubbed in the original thread, you thought you'd start another - way to go, Storm...
  4. Storm Clarence wrote: PS I don't take the easy way to go when I install software, I take the right way to go. The right way according to my methodology, but, again, that is beside the point and outside the scope of this conversation. You remind me of a temple priest in some ancient religion, desperate to keep his incantions and magic tricks secret from the peasants, lest they discover it's all actually just common-sense and deprive him of his free wine and virgins...
  5. Jenni Darkwatch wrote: Yep I have. So? How does this help the OP? By offering encouragement that it isn't the nightmare described by Storm.
  6. Jenni Darkwatch wrote: Ubuntu I could, though it'd be a much instruction set than just "1-2-3". Have you tried it recently Jenni ? It really is that simple, even with an Nvidia card.
  7. Masami Kuramoto wrote: {Stuff about Wine} Wine doesn't come into it, there are native Linux viewer builds available.
  8. Storm Clarence patronised: /smiles yes, I have/do hack Ubuntu on some of my personal machines, but what's in a name -- pick your flavor! ;It gets no more modern than 3.3.7 regardless of flavor du jour (see what I did there with my French.) Doubtless deep under Windows there's a "DOS x.y", but you don't need to be familiar with it to run IE... ETA: All my responses in this thread are formed from a prescience based of a deep understanding of 'my' environment; translation: experience. As are mine (see above) - perhaps you should add something from the 21st century to your 'experience', ju
  9. Storm Clarence wrote:The rest of what you wrote is garbage; typical n00b talk; You're right, I'm so much of a n00b - only 40 years experience in commercial software development and network and operating system support, providing and implementing world-wide systems, some of the very first truly national networks in the UK, and developing packages in a wide variety of languages and applications areas - and, incidentally, using PC's to do real commercial tasks, under a wide variety of operating systems, since the late 80's. Are you an academic by any chance ? I enjoy nothing more than
  10. Storm Clarence wrote: {stuff} I've been running Ubuntu Linux for five years. It used to be a bit tricky in the way you describe, but that's no longer the case. The procedure I specified to install viewers works, time and time again. As for your "right way to run Linux" - so what ? we're not talking about a commercial implementation with hundreds of users here (a task in which I have some experience, btw), but a single individual home user wanting to run a particular piece of software for his own pleasure. It's perfectly all right to install trusted applications programs in your user
  11. Storm Clarence wrote: :If it was as simple as that (which it just very well may be) then why the OP? Maybe he just needed a pointer on how to get started. I don't understand your stance on this issue, what version of Linux are you currently running ?
  12. Masami Kuramoto wrote:In fact Mint and its parent Ubuntu have become so noob-friendly, it's almost embarrassing. I'm at risk of losing my geek card. I have to agree with this - I have Ubuntu 10.04 running several different viewers on several different grids - and each was a simple case of :- Click on a web-page to download a file to my home directory, Click on the downloaded file to create and populate the required viewer directory structure, Right-click on the main script in the newly-created directory to construct a desktop shortcut, Then click on the shortcut to run the viewer. I
  13. Richie Kanto wrote: ...Content creators continue to put hours and hours into creating content for Second Life, only to see someone come around and copy it then sell it for pennies per unit (or even eventually to give it away for free). Customers continue to spend real money on items which just vanish at random while LL just shrugs and says "not our fault". They do what the DMCA law requires them to do, doing any more would open them up to lawsuits from all and sundry. I wonder why LL doesn't decide it's time to remove the open source designation to the base software coding and put i
  14. To return to the OP's actual question, I have no idea why people put this on their profiles, there's no need. It's perfectly OK to 'Record and Save' chat logs - most people do this anyway, by default. What the TOS prohibits is subsequently revealing those chat logs to another person within the SL environment - revealing them inworld or posting them to these forums a TOS offence, but posting them to a 3rd-party website is not.
  15. Syo Emerald wrote:Maybe this is a better explaination to you: In the real world, their a places a child can't acess, so they are only visited by people who passed a certain ageborder. But that doesn't mean automatically that there is open sex allowed. On the word itself....I think there is a difference between adult and mature. Like saying to a 17 year old "Hey, you are pretty mature for your age" but still you wouldn't call them an adult. Old enough to see some boobies, but not allowed to see the whole porn movie. (Remember LL allows stripclubs on M rated sims). Feel better for being insul
  16. Syo Emerald wrote:This means, on a M rated sim, you still have the risk to meet people who haven't verified their age yet. Then they shouldn't call such sims 'mature', as they're obviously not.
  17. Syo Emerald wrote: Its funny to see how many scream up, because he considered to follow LLs rules, isn't it? Would you say the same thing when some other part of the TOS gets violated? Doesn't it make age verification (you don't need that to visit M rated sims) and adult land senseless, when sex is everywhere ok? I don't see what the problem is in the first place - sex exists, adults ( which is what I understand M-rated is for) know it exists - in fact they wouldn't be here without it... The suppression of sexual feeling amongst adults is done primarily for purposes of control ("you can
  18. Sigren Panthar wrote: Well, you could join the Gestapo? THIS ! Why are there so many nosey-parkering busybodies in SL ? Have they nothing better to do than prodnose whenever they find something slightly not to their taste ?
  19. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Lukeh Ghost wrote: Omg me to.. and that is the current combination in my store but my Architect was like "NO NEED CHANGE " i was like No, it's all wrong. All must have lime-green, orange and purple as if technicolor was brand new. Think of the first colour Lost In Space episodes. Ow. Ow. Don't forget to set them to 'Glow' and 'Full bright'...
  20. Aremat wrote: A few minutes ago I was tabbed out looking at clothes on the marketplace, and when I tabbed back in one of my friends told me that someone else said I was a hacker, and that I was trying to send stuff to near by people. Are you in the GreenZone group ? A vendor of 'security products' has added the entire membership of that group to his blacklist, and is selling devices and huds which detect anyone on that list and report them to the device/hud owner as a greifer and/or hacker.
  21. wrable Amat wrote: hope it was not from meh ... Depends - have you been scamming whole groups lately, calling the members griefers ? :matte-motes-grin:
  22. Thank you very much for the replies. It was, of course, the one place I hadn't thought to look...
  23. How do I AR an abusive notecard, or the creator of that notecard ?
  24. Phil Deakins wrote: The objects are called 'Second Life'. That's the only 'faking' there is. The messages they send are simple IMs. Strange use of the word 'only', it's actually a major attempt to mislead unsuspecting residents for personal gain.
  25. Aristophanese wrote: What are you, the official SLU crossthreader? If we wanted to read SLU we would read SLU, thanks anyways. What are you, the official SL censor ? If you don't want to read a relevant thread in SLU, don't read it - but don't claim to be 'we' because you're actually only 'you'.
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