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  1. Howdy, I've been experimenting with various unique avatar sizes and I've noticed an issue that i'm wondering if there is a solution for. Every so often I like to use the mouselook view and see from my avi's perspective instead of over the shoulder. But i've noticed that when I use some avatars that are extra tall, the mouselook position ends up hovering way over the top of the actual head and eye origins, sometimes by a few feet. I have found some "first-person" hud objects on the marketplace, but they behave more like vehicles and arent very good compared to normal mouselook. Is there a way in the debug options to be able to change the x,y,z coordinates of the mouselook camera position? Or is this something I should submit as a suggestion to the JIRA?
  2. "Materials didn't exist months ago." - Well in light of this new (to me) information, what I had working months ago wasn't the even newer materials system, I didn't even know that it had undergone another upgrade at all. So does this mean that this new Normal & Specular Map system has replaced the V2/3 shiny entirely?
  3. Howdy, I'm having a little trouble getting the higher guality shiny effect in Sl to work properly. I just performed a clean reinstall last night and did a quick set-up of my options. Here is a screencap of my settings right now --> http://imageshack.us/a/img24/112/xcl3.jpg Now according to what little info I could find, having Atmospheric Shaders and Lighting and Shadows turned on should be the main requirement to see the better shiny effect like in this image. --> ShinyLevels But all I'm still getting is the old Legacy shiny effect, the one with the ever present horizon line and silver metallic hue. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? In my graphics options? Perhaps a debug setting? A number of months ago I did have the new shiny effect working, but I don't remember how. Then one update it went away and I havent been able to get it back since. I'd also like to get the quality shiny working on Firestorm as well. (NOTE: At the time of writing this I wasn't aware that the shiny system has just undergone another upgrade.)
  4. I pretty much plan on trying to pick numbers for size and positioning that either avoid lots of numbers after the decimal place, OR most of those numbers are 0's before the floating point system starts to estimate the number. In the end, however, I'm not gonna be able to detect if any prims are vulnerable to drifting untill after it starts to happen. So I'm mostly gonna be hoping it works, and then observe the build for any changes. Otherwise, I'm still kinda stumped between the different calculators I've found online.
  5. LSL Float, thanks Dora! And when I say prim drift, I'm talking about how prims in builds seem to move and misalign, where they were fine the day before, causing overlapping and gaps. What I'm looking to do is to compensate for it, and hopefully rebuild my items.. Now that link you provided says LSL floats are 32-bit numbers, I've found a few online floating-point converters. Maybe someone here can help me identify which one would be the best for me to use when working in Second Life. http://www.h-schmidt.net/FloatConverter/IEEE754.html This one is simple to use, but I am unsure if SL calculates LSL with double precision. http://www.binaryconvert.com/result_float.html?decimal=048046048053 Seems simple enough, but does force scientific notation onto any answer it outputs. http://babbage.cs.qc.cuny.edu/IEEE-754.old/Decimal.html More complex in it's layout and asks for me to pick between rounded and non-rounded outputs. Which do I pick?
  6. Howdy everyone, I have created this topic today to try to expand my understanding of the math behind prim drift. I wasn't completely sure if this is the correct spot for me to be asking this, but the building subforum seems like a likely place I might find my answers. I have read many other topics on this, but they are all pretty much "complaints", I'm looking into the math. I have already done a bunch of reading on the subject so far, but I feel I'm missing some important chunks of information, and I'm hoping some of you might be able to assist me. From my understanding so far, the system Second Life uses for the location, size and rotation of prims is a floating point number. My goal is to try and use this information in my upcoming builds to combat prim drift, even if only slightly. But what I am curious about is what type of floating point number SL uses in the calculations of these values. Does SL use short, long, double, long double? How many numbers behind the decimal point does SL keep track of? (Not the same as how many we can normally edit.) How many bits does SL allow for each number? Do I know what I'm talking about?. . . Not yet I don't. . . I know that floating point numbers are almost always inaccurate representations that try to be very close to the real number, which is what causes issues like prim drift, when the system tries to use these inaccurate numbers. If I can figure out exactly what type of floating point system SL uses for position, size and rotation of prims I can try to make some equations that I can use to convert from decimal into numbers that SL will play nicely with. I most likely will ask for some help on those equations as well. Anyone up for lending me a hand with this?
  7. Derender worked perfectly! Thank you so much Valerie! Yes, I am quite well aware that I could easily move my skybox, anybody who has had to do it before would know it's a pain that is preferabily avoided. I am also aware that I can turn off shadows, but I don't want to and shouldn't have to. Those of you who would compare SL to reality in such a way, my god, why did you even bother posting if your not going to have anything revelant to say? Comparing apples to virtual apples doesn't work no matter how you try to slice it . . .
  8. Hello, I currently rent land and use a skybox, but very recently someone on a neighboring parcel has set up their objects, which cast large obscuring shadows on my home. No, I have not yet talked to this individua, but that is not what I'm going to be asking about. I've tried blocking his building, but it doesn't appear to cause any changes in it's rendering or shadow casting. I've been searching for a few hours on the net and havent come up with anything so far. Is there a way to set my land parcel to NOT let objects outside it's boundary be rendered (and thus not cast shadows) for everyone inside my parcel. If possible I'd prefer to have a setting that affects everyone who enters my land. Or perhaps a workaround? Such as an invisible prim that both blocks shadows and doesn't cast it's own shadow? I would appreciate any assistance, I'd prefer to leave talking to the other person for last only if I dont have any more simple options avaiable to me.
  9. Hello, a friend and I are having some problems with our club showing up in SL search, and we could use some advice. The issue is that for some reason our club is showing up twice on the search list, both of which are having undesirable effect on people being able to enter the club in a convenient manner. Currently we only have one subdivide on the land set to "Show Place in Search". I have made sure sure all the other (smaller) subdivies have that option turned off, and have double checked this, logically we should only show up once, but instead we are showing up twice. The first listing I want to get rid of, because it teleports people into a lake on the far side of the land, where I plan on setting up apartments, this search listing is interferring with my customers ability to get to my club, and I can see why they might not come back because of it. This first listing also shows a very low traffic number, and doesn't represent the real traffic of the club. The second listing is the one I want to keep, and it does actually send people to the right location, and has the more accurate traffic number, but the only issue is that this search listing ignores the parcel settings to teleport incoming people to my landing point. So they land directly in the middle of the club instead of my nice landing spot. I've tried searching and searching and mostly I find people saying they dont show up at all, I havent seen anybody else with the issue of a double listing. Is there anything else I can try to do to fix these issues? I want the top listing to be gone, and I want to move the landing location for the other, and I would appreciate any assistance. If it comes down to it, contacting Linden Labs support is my final destination after these forums. Thanks for your time.
  10. Hello Second Life forums, hopefully you can help with with an issue that has suddenly befallen me. I have never had this issue before and I have no idea on how to solve it except for starting my entire project all over again. I have also searched as much as I could, but I've found nothing that pertains to the problem I'm having. So here I was minding my own business, editing my new SL home, I was adding a lower balcony and some invisible prims for a guard railing. Nothing out of the ordinary, then I go to link everything together and all of a sudden my entire house has absolutily no collision at all, despite any settings inside any of the prims. I even tried unlinking the prims again and the issue still persists. I'm not sure what to do or what even went wrong, and I'm hesitant to start all over again only to have the same issue occur. Does anybody know anything about this and can assist me? Thanks for your time, Fluoride
  11. Bumping this topic again, I'm still looking for help with deformers. Any assistance is welcome.
  12. Thank you so much for replying Medhue. Both me and my friend are trying to make a larger bodybuilder-style avatars, and all we need the deformer for is to widen our shoulders so that the arm pieces look correct with the upper body, instead of half sunken-in. One product we were already using (the IWG Standard Avatar Deformer) works, but we wanted to be able to make our own so we could have more flexability with some of the unique designs we have been wanting to create. In many cases the IWG Standard Avatar Deformer just doesn't work for our needs in many cases. But I dont know about the future, we may want to be able to create a deformer for somthing completly different, who knows.
  13. Hello I'm FluorideSting, Recently me and a friend have been trying to make our own deformers and we have been running into a lot of issues along the way. Before I begin, I have already searched through Google, in in the various SL related wiki's / knowledgebases / jira and also here in these forums for everything I could find deformer related, and still I feel that something is missing. First, too many people I have talked to on SL have linked me this page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Avatar_deformation It has come to my attention that this information is old and only works if I install an old SL viewer, I would prefer to not have to do that. Right now I'm just using the standard SL viewer 3.2.4, please don't give me crap about it. I plan on moving to Firestorm AFTER I get this deformer thing figured out and working properly. Right now I've been trying to use QAvimator to create a .bvh file, then I would open that file in notepad and change the offsets for the particular joints, and then upload the animation to SL. Not only am I unsure as if this is the correct procedure, or if I'm missing any steps, but when I do try and upload the .bvh file SL only gives me the message "Failed to initialize motion" at the bottom of the Animation Upload window. I tried creating a question in the technical answers area of the forum, but I have yet to receive any answers: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/Failed-to-initialize-motion/qaq-p/1336319 My friend is having the same problems and we both feel like everyone we talk to and everywhere we go, either we get the same old info, an incomplete answer, or the subject dances around every piece we don't know, and I'm not sure how to proceed. I would appreciate ANY help anyone can give us about Deformers and how to make them, and any information on how to get past the "Failed to initialise motion" problem that we are having. FluorideSting gets on her knees and looks up at you with big puppy-dog eyes. "Please?"
  14. Hello, I'm having a little trouble and I was hoping I could get a hand. Right now I am trying to make my own deformers and I have run into another snag. I'm using QAvimator, and when I try to upload my bvh files I only get the message "Failed to initialize motion". I am aware of the question that already answered this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/quot-Failed-To-Initialize-Motion-quot-when-uploading-bvh-files/qaq-p/678541 But my problem is that the above question was Poser-based and using QAvimator was mensioned as a possible solution. How do I get around this problem if its happening in QAvimator? Any extra things I should be checking? I have already made sure to be only using 2 frames for the deformer animation. I dont know what else I should be looking for. I would appreciate any assistance, and I am also open to any additional information and help on making deformers in general, as I am pretty new to the subject and still feel a little confused after all the digging I have done. Currently I'm using Second Life Viewer v3.2.4, I plan on moving to Firestorm soon, but I wanted to finish this project first.
  15. Hello, I'm having a moderate technical issue in Second Life. Right now I am unable to interact with user-created HUD's, I can click the buttons all I want and nothing ever happens. There is one exception though, if I hold down the "Fly Up" (Page Up) key, then I can interact with user-made HUD's a limited amount, but it's very difficult to use them effectively. Any help would be appreciated, I'm a pretty new player, so all my settings are at a fresh install default. Thanks for your time.
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