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  1. I too have the same issue as the OP. Whenever I try to delete an outfit from the outfit gallery (under appearance) or under the outfits tab, it deletes the outfit from the gallery but also sends every item that was saved under that outfit straight to the trash. I just want to know if it's at all possible to delete the folders without deleting the actual items so that I can have things a bit more organized.
  2. Got bored and turned myself into a vampire...demon....kitsune thing?
  3. I've been experiencing it quite a bit. Heck, as I type, I'm waiting to be logged back in after JUST experiencing one. I may try removing some HUDS to see if that could be the issue.
  4. I somewhat losing interest to be honest. People aren’t as socialable as they once were and Shopping events seem to be all the hype now. I’m trying some new things though such as photography and starting my own store but blender is a beast for me right now. I always joke with a good friend of mine that our souls are bound to SL or that we’re stuck in a sandbox void or limbo because every single year we always say that we’re going to quit next month or take a break for a few years and end up coming back after like...a couple of weeks or months lol!
  5. Sorry if I misunderstood your last one but I’ll usually ask people to send notecards instead of IM’s because I truly do miss people’s IM’s when I’m logged out sometimes OR if I’m logged in but crash shortly after or right when they send an IM.
  6. Uh no, it clearly was not my place. If it was, that obviously would’ve been my first move. It was a public sim that I did not have mod abilities in. No mods were around so I just did the next best thing and blocked, muted and derendered. 🤷‍♀️
  7. I get them every four or five teleports. Drives me mad because my avatar always resets to the last thing that I was wearing when I logged in the first time. So far it hasn’t been happening as often but it’ll happen every now and then.
  8. I remember meeting a guy who had a group specifically for all the girls that were supposedly in love with him including a minor 😳. Turns out they all had just met him once or just talked to him for a short moment and joined his group for a meme.
  9. Oh and I forgot to mention the people who IM you to tell you they’ve derendered your clothing because they “admire your body” then proceed to send you the pictures that they took and then get offended when you don’t find it flattering. (I don’t know about you guys but I always find this extremely creepy) Also when someone cams you for a really long time. This one isn’t that big of a deal but it makes me paranoid because 9 times out of 10, this is followed by an IM containing the line “nice body ;))”
  10. •Profiles that state something along the lines of “don’t talk to me if you don’t have a decent mesh avatar.” •Furries who “refuse to talk to humans”. I get it if it’s for roleplay purposes but it comes off as a bit rude when it’s just because. One of my friends invited me to a club that he works at a few weeks ago to introduce me to a few of his friends. I was the only one in a human Avis because I can’t make a decent looking furry av to save my life haha. He tried to introduce me and get us all talking and then one of them outright said “sorry___, But I don’t talk to humans. You know tha
  11. Oh I could honestly write you a novel with all of the lines that I hate. (This is why I don’t have many friends in world haha) “hi” and nothing else after that. “Do u like to have fun in SL?” “Do u wanna have some fun?” “Wanna go for a walk?” “Wanna go to a beach?” “U look sexy” “nice body” “how old r u?” (Note I don’t have any problems with sharing my age with people that I know of have talked to for a while, but when it’s asked out of the blue, it makes me wonder what intentions the person asking has.....9 times out of 10 it’s sex) “Why doesn’t your avi look like your rl self? You must be in
  12. At least he managed to speak to you. I had an instance where I was taking a couple of photos for an upcoming product of mine and someone straight up popped up right in the middle of the shoot, right after I had gotten everything set up. My friend and I politely asked him to leave because we figured maybe he just forgot to teleport elsewhere before logging off or something but he was of course a troll. Thankfully I was able to defender him but it made the shoot excruciatingly long because I had to defender all of his particle spammers that he kept leaving around. Eventually my friend and I dec
  13. I absolutely adore INSILLICO. I always loved going there and wandering around by myself getting lost in all of its beauty every time. I recently went back a couple of times not too long ago.
  14. I don't know if Guy Linden goes here, but every now and then some of the staff will pop up at social island and a few other safe hubsfor a brief moment. I've seen Governance 18 and a few others a couple of times. One time one of them came and it was terrifying and hilarious. People were piling on clothes, turning off dancers, deactivating gestures. Some folks left and the ones that were there were either dead silent or started screaming that they were going to get banned. A few of my friends stepped up and started a conversation and it ended up not being so bad.
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