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  1. This is out of date, it still works yes! However, there is many huds and now mesh heads have this feature as well! Thank you all for the positive feedback
  2. Hey Guys and Girls! Have you ever tried to take a picture and your mesh eyes are just moving all over the place? Well I'm here to solve your issue! Step 1: Attach your eyes on (Do not replace, hit ADD). (You see they add to your eyes section and move all over) Step 2: Detach your eyes and reattach them to your nose. Step 3: Position them to the correct spots in your head. Now you are finished, your eyes are now unable to move and look barbie doll effect! Pros: Makes it easy to take photos and your avatar doesn't look messed up when your eyes roll all over your skull. Cons: Lo
  3. Hello! In QAvimator upon opening it, you shall see the sliders to rotate limbs when you click them. Just move the limbs how you please and leave the limbs untouched when you save it. Now, save it as a .bvh file and upload to second life. Test your image (if your using firestorm) and play it before you upload! Hope this helps! -Angell♥
  4. Hello Alisa! I'm glad your interested in becoming part of the Merfolk family! Some great tails to buy are listed below along with link and price! "MC Moonlit Sea Tail Fatpack FEMALE" 500L$ Easily change tail colors with an all new original Mer-chandise Cove HUD! Available in all 5 standard clothing sizes! Not only does this tail combine the realistic beauty of rigged mesh with the flow of a flexi fin, but it is complete with normal and specular mapping to give an iridescent shine to each of your lovely scales for an unparalleled 3D appearance! This is simply a m
  5. Hulloo..my names Angell..and i am starting a pose shop...and want to rent land with someone...message me inworld for more details!! Angell Copperfield
  6. Could it be someone rezzed something? and you just don't see it, Search the area.. Fix ur settings <3333:matte-motes-delicious:
  7. No, you cannot.. the animation is made the speed the creator made. Contact them, have them custom make you something.
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