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  1. Ok so lets just put it out there that I am not tech savvy and I am a mesh body noob........ I am surprised I was able to figure out this mesh body stuff..... Well....... Kind of....... I mean I have her dressed and all that.. Go me... After a long absense from SL I log back in and only purchased a Maitreya lara mesh body about 2 weeks ago, my first mesh body.. Ugh I LOVE it so much... :matte-motes-inlove: The only thing that bugs me is my body tattoos glitching......? I have always been heavily inked in SL.. It's my THING.. It is ME.. But I found that having tattoos applied to a layer, and th
  2. After my eye problem and switching to Pheonix viewer all has been fine. Was online 2 nights ago,all was normal and all of a sudden I notice one of my Avi's arms was bigger than the other including the hand. Bit like it has been blown up a little but hell you can notice it. Thought I'd leave it and see if it goes away but also change shapes etc etc and nothing. Looks stupid. Not sure where to start by fixing this? :( Cheers Ele.
  3. Have you?! Glad its not just a select few then. I have now changed to Pheonix viewer and this problem is not there (for now,fingers crossed). So will use that until I play around with sl viewer 2.
  4. Charolotte Caxton - I checked and am not using prim eyes,I also removed all attachments,signed out & signed back in but still the same. I have not changed anything on my avi since I got this look so hmm I don't know. Thanks for your help. Tamalyn - Thankyou I just read it. I should have checked before posting. Glad I am not the only one who has this issue. Kerharbor Dreamscape - That thread that Tamalyn mentioned above may be of some help to you too. Yeah ever since this stupid upgrade thing my face has been weird. I wish they would just leave it as it is. Good luck. Nizn
  5. Hello, I need some help if possible. I am the least tech savvy person you could possibly come across and just getting my avi new skins and creating her look was a shock to me LOL. Anyway. I go to log in two days ago and notice under my avi's eyes there seems to be a glitch going on. It is where the eye and bottom eye lid meet,it is like part of the skin is missing and her eye bulges through the skin. So I teleported to a new location and it was ok,the skin missing part, but the eyes & skin close to eyes still seem odd. Like they flicker or fuzz weirdly etc,only way I can describe it. It wa
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