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  1. I have seen one but it was a barely disguised BDSM sim, nothing like the book sadly
  2. I totally agree with you my avie looks like what I want it to, and I was asked where I got my mesh avie from I had to tell the person it is not mesh jsut a lot of careful work.
  3. While I would want to be intially captured, bound and gagged over time i would get used to my captor and those would not be needed, if it ever became anything like Stockholm Syndrome would have to emerge over time
  4. Morlock Point - Prison Role Play and Crime Roleplay Morelock Point is a new sim dedicated to penal and criminal roleplay with the emphasis on roleplay. It can be found here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morelock%20Point/158/180/49
  5. I am yet to be convinced that mesh shapes are that much better than non mesh ones, I am willing to be persuaded. I have a few questions: 1. does using a mesh shape mean no longer having to use alpha layers? 2. Will I need to replace my eyes i have read that you ahve to 3. Can old non mesh clothing be used and converted to mesh?
  6. Thank you for the reply what we are seeking is something specfic to our sim.
  7. Hello I have looked on the MP found things that were close but not quite right I would like to commission a uniform for a prison maximum Secuirty Block for th eofficers: it has to be transferable. Specfication: Colour: Dark Blue or black Shirt and Jumper Trousers and Skirt options, skirt to be 3/4 knee length Boots equipment belt
  8. sim wide Capture role Play and tracking system our sim wants to offer this facility for role play purpsoes please respond with a quote thank you.
  9. hello where do I find mesh alpha glitch layers
  10. Over the last year I have raised at least three complaints about griefing at the sim I am an admin with and have not heard a anything from Linden Labs about the cases. With a new CEO in place will this change?
  11. I had that happen to me too, logged in found a couple using my stuff and they screamed at me for interupting them how dare i, didn't I know it was rude to interupt things in rp etc etc, I had logged off afte laying down on my own bed and rezzed right in the middle of them.
  12. When I started out in Sl with a different account way back when it all started it was a very different place all open and hey wow zap what is this, the open exploring for me is fine if it is obviously a public place when someone walks into a private home/residence uninvited and refuses to leave that is what I personally do not like there have been several occaisons when others have marched into my house or tped in and interupted what I was doing. I like sharing all I ask is knock first.
  13. The new VR does interest me however i do not have the finacial resources to create and run a region in both, woul dhave to check out the pricing schema when it emerges, the new VR might be totally different in its intentions, interactions and what you can offer.
  14. As a part owner of a region offering free transfer or free set up of a region to existing region owners in the new SL2 would be not only good PR but would help retain region owners in the old sl who want use the new version and carry on offering what they were to the new audience .
  15. I would dearly love for Linden Labs to allow us to buy more prims as and when needed for a sim.
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