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  1. I would have rented a property .. IF i'd known about them. That's my point, a new user isn't told about anything much, let alone that a house can be rented. If i'd known that i wouldn;t have upgraded to premium ( which was thust at me from the get-go), because that was what i was instructed to do if i wanted my own house.
  2. It wasn't voice chat, i was using the standard type chat. Initially i had no idea that i could use voice to chat.
  3. Thanks for the reply ... - It's a huge mistake to make comparisons with SL and another virtual worlds. - You can rent houses, lands, skyboxes so you can decorate them as you like, you don’t have to stick to linden homes I wasn't comparing it to anything. I have used other similar sites, but always keep an open mind knowing that no one is like the other . As for renting houses etc, there was nothing to suggest i could do that, i had no idea, only a BIG advert telling me i could own a house IF i upgraded to premium. Maybe if the site owners made it a lot clearer to "noobies" ( such a horrible term) what was available and more importantly how to go about getting/using it, it would be a great help.
  4. The first thing i did was to buy L$ to alter my avi appearance, but i found the buying process long-winded and not easy to navigate. No i don't expect for people to instantly strike up a convo with me, but i do expect at least a "hello" or similar acknowledgement when i attempt to be friendly. I don't expect to be universally ignored, i was told this would happen when i mentioned i was going to try this site, but gave it a chance anyway ... i get the impression they were right.
  5. A perfect example. I have no idea what mainland is or does .. there's nothing about it in any instructions etc that i've seen. I assumed there would be all kinds of houses and dwellings i could buy and furnish,but all i was pointed to was the premium houses. I got the distict impression that the only way to get a dwelling was to upgrade to premium,which i did,and was mightilly disapointed with the choice. Needless to saycancelled the pfremium. i quickly I kinda get the impression now that the site owners deliberately steer you toward their homes in order to get you to buy premium.
  6. Thanks for the post ... i had no intention of being hostile toward SL or it's users, i wanted to be one myself!. I merely pointed out the difficaulties i had when trying to use it .. that's all.
  7. This is exactly what i'm talking about. No friendliness whatsoever, no help, no encouragement .. just stupid immature remarks. I don't know how many use this site, but if this is the sort of thing that greets a person,i can't see many using it.
  8. Hi, i'm new here, and joined SL to find an alternative to another well-known virtual world i use. I have to say .. not for me. Firstly, it feels soul-less,no atmosphere at all, Secondly, the navigation is apalling on here. It's so difficalt to even buy anything .. clothing,furniture etc. I upgraded to premium so i could at least have a "home" to use, and oh my goodness they are TERRIBLE, and gives very little choice as to what you can have. As for making friends .. it's a joke. No-0ne is willing to talk or acknowledge you,prefering to keep to themselves. The only redeeming factor here is that there's the abilty to talk with the mic rather than type. Needless to say i've cancelled my premium after just one day, and doubt whether i'll ever use this site again. I have to say, after all the things i've read about this site, i'm really disappointed in it. Rant over.
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