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  1. For folks wanting to know which countries have instituted policies against loot boxes (gacha) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loot_box#Regulation_and_legislation
  2. Isn't Horizon's privately owned land? LL owns the city areas but the actual parcels were sold to users weren't they?
  3. I LOVE the idea of a mid-century modern home in Belli. OMG, yes, please! And yes, we know there are some older homes in the older areas but those are going to be phased out. I lived in one back in the day. I liked it but the older home zones are missing several things that make Bellisseria so spectacular. Less prims per parcel (unless that changed), less of the region decor we all love, and they're not nearly as pretty as the new mesh homes. They're also very claustrophobic with how on top of each other they are in the older areas. And I think you didn't get much choice in your design if I remember right. They were great for back then but they aren't on the same level as Bellisseria homes, IMO.
  4. Cackles in her most diabolically evil laugh.
  5. Some of this is covered in the covenant for your home. You can find that in your world - about land tab. Super glad to see folks took the time to answer your questions but don't forget to check the covenant too. That will help you learn quite a bit about rules the Lindens have for their premium homes.
  6. They're ghosts! Sometimes it happens for various reasons that the system doesn't quite recognize when someone logs out so it leaves a ghost. This has happened before! There is atleast ONE gravestone that I know about that the Lindens put out to mark one of these ghost phenomena. There is also the legend of the burning bush. Also, last week there were several times when I wound up as a cloud, unable to fully rez for hours at a time. It happens, but atleast my hair wasn't coming out my butt, nor was I wearing the great stone egg, so there is that. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phinney/233/79/26
  7. Same. I tested this AM and couldn't see chat but after noon I logged in and could see and participate in all my groups again.
  8. yep, just added myself to the Jira. It's been 4 days since ANY of my groups worked. However my store alt can see and chat in all. Doesn't matter the viewer. I updated didn't work. Uninstalled, reinstalled didn't work. I can chat one on one and I can start multiple people chats but none of the groups work right now for me.
  9. hehe and I've been quoted in a few different places for that same post too. I had no idea about Bellisseria until the first release day when I heard something in the Bay City group. I jumped in head first though as Bellisseria IS what I'd been looking for in SL for a long while. I love it there. I rarely leave now days except to shop, see live music or explore some event, like the new A Night to Remember titanic museum display.
  10. There have been at least 50+ since the first year. All sorts of clubs, hang out groups, homeless groups, mer groups, monster groups, several sailing groups, riding groups, meditation groups and the newest that I've seen pop up a Spanish Club! No one group could EVER encompass all of everything that makes SL or Bellisseria beautiful. No one group will ever be able to meet the needs of all, which is where the beauty of multiple groups comes in.
  11. There will always be room for more groups which is why we offer a room in our HQ where we have info on other groups. If this one or that one is not the right fit for you, there is always room for you to create your own group. Every group has its own rules, if you do not agree with the rules of a specific group, you have the ability to make your own and mold it to fit your SL. I promise the mods at Bellisserian Citizens do not have some evil plot to be The One True Bellisserian Group. We actively encourage people to make groups, to engage with the community and we promise that our group is only part of the Bellisserian community, not the WHOLE of it.
  12. I found the Slendie! https://gyazo.com/36e5b8eaa8c774300879685fd004694f
  13. Oz, you will be greatly missed. Thank you for helping to create a world that so much of us love. You are amazing and I wish you all the best in what ever comes next for you. Best wishes and lots of love.
  14. I mean, I'm a rebel. I am naked under my clothes!
  15. We have been told by the mouse and other moles, and you can search it here too, that nudity is allowed. We did NOT tell you to go running around naked just to troll folks. We're referring to folks who like to sun nude, or hike nude or even sail nude. We said you have the ability to be naked, we NEVER said that you should do so just to try to get a rile out of someone. We're also well marked as a social group, not LL related. You'll also notice at just about every event in Belli, there are no nude people. While we have the ability to be nude, we also respect our neighbors. So do not twist what we said just to stir the pot over here.
  16. yep its taking me several times now when group chat stops working for me to get it going again.
  17. Also check your Objects Folder and you Lost and Founds Folder!
  18. Oh no! I'm sorry you kept crashing. We did have a lot of fun. Some of us met back up late last night and had a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity too. My sides still hurt from laughing so hard.
  19. Going on RIGHT NOW at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds! JULYFEST! Come on down, check out the rides, listen to Duran, the Tribute Band! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/151/121/23
  20. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vacuul/20/77/29 Perfect for a skybox or a small work area.
  21. Those are "Happy Fun Time Rainbow" griefer objects. I found one yesterday when investigating the anomalies. Another person from "The Walmart" group when I checked the owner.
  22. The first few original posts had statements like no groups should be allowed Bellisseria in their names, along with shady remarks about clique groups and being forced into them. Along with this being the about same 3 or 4 people that are always quick to jump on how groups as large as Bellisseria Citizens should be only Linden ran and the perpetual petty comments about how they're forced to join groups for info , it's not that hard to piece together. Deleted comments and edits do change the outlook.
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