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  1. I use the LL Official Viewer and this has always been how it works for me, it is not a new problem. I have to be online when the group invitation is sent. If I am not online, then I get the invitation, but nothing happens when I click accept. Incidentally, friend requests work the same. If I am not online, I get the request, but clicking it does nothing. I asked someone who uses Firestorm and they said that they don't get either of these problems, so it seems to be something with the LL Viewer.
  2. @Rowan Amore Is the ability to disable group chat a Firestorm feature? I use the LL Viewer and I don't see that feature, the only thing I see possible, is disabling group notices.
  3. I would be grateful for some advice on the script problem, that I have read about here. I am thinking of buying a boat. Does the script problem mean that it is not advisable to buy, say, a new boat, because it will no longer function properly, therefore making the purchase a waste of money? Thank you for your help.
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