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  1. Did you pay 50 dollars and have to pick up the garbage in the snow?
  2. *tosses the grenade into this thread* I like mine with pineapple.....
  3. My wife and I celebrate Valentine's Day in SL. I get her little presents in both that she likes to get but don't really cost that much, our budget in both places is limited. We use SL to explore parts of life that for different reasons we can't do in RL. For us, SL is an extension of our relationship in RL we us it to grow and strengthen our bond in both.
  4. You look great if you want one person's opinion
  5. Yeah we have a 30% chance of snow or freezing rain here in Mississippi this afternoon.
  6. Now it's just my opinion, but I say don't change a damn thing. You look amazing. MAYBE if you really want to change something, maybe hair color. But the rest.....perfect as far as I'm concerned....
  7. Well the first thought was to give them a Three Stooges eye poke and then run like hell.....
  8. You could get lost in those eyes so easily...
  9. I worked, at one time, for a very major meat processing company. I surpervised the part of the company that made all the spices for the meat products(hams, bologna, bacon, canned meat products, you get the idea). Every spice we mixed had tons of this stuff in it. We'd get 55 gallons barrels of it in by the dozens every week.
  10. Merry Christmas to you Josephine. I hope your holidays are all you ask for and more.
  11. Merry Christmas to you Vin and everyone else in Second Life.
  12. I'm not sure for some there are any ways to stop them or detract them from IMing women. My wife once got IM'd from a guy asking her if she wanted to have sex with him. She was dancing with me at the time....
  13. I just recently got mine down from 11 to 8.0, which is huge for me. I know what you are going through and it's more than just good news, that is FANTASTIC!
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