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  1. Lock down over and I will resume my RL work within 1-2 days Thank you all of you for enjoyable time at forum. Made my life more comfortable during lock down taking my mind away from current struggles. I will be no longer active in forum or SL (except work and design). If I break your heart during a debate I am sorry. It is not intentional. It is my nature to speak my mind freely. Farewell.
  2. I didn't realized topic about profile content.. my bad. I was thinking about copied creation (object / music / animation etc..).
  3. Yes you need.. professionals (people who doing it as their job..) have to investigate backstory of theft with legal way. Crime it self might be misleading to label some one as criminal (most common examples "shameful" crime labeling.) If you label some one as thief and turns out it is wrong.. and if person suffered any damage from it you have committed a crime. But I don't know how it works in America.. Long story short not everything what it appears not every uninvited "guest" in your home a thief. Its best to handle it legal way.
  4. Without legal results (DMCA / court) you should not "label" anyone as thief, it is actually a crime (defamation of character). You must follow legal methods and inform LL with proper method: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property
  5. China is opposite of America.. - America supports individual thinking.. - China support social thinking. Both methods have ups and downs. I never hear China start any war in middle Asia (or anywhere).. but some other country do it many times (every 4-5 year) just for oil companies. And you think its something new? Those people remnants of my people old Turks, debate going for long time with no result. I am not defending China's actions against them. Question is.. why USA decided bring it up now? Answer is simple they only bring up when it is beneficial for politics but they will bury if it is not beneficial.
  6. Yep.. if you know better way to inform your costumers with a private way about lost stream password / stream port details for the service they have purchased let me know.
  7. Script IM and group services not very reliable or not sufficient: - If you ban some one from group, another moderator can send invitation person can join group again despite being banned from group so moderator have to check ban list every time.. (correct me if I am wrong or it is fixed.).. only solution, disable "anyone can join option" and organize group joins with a bot and only allow invitation via bot. - If resident rents a place some one have to send out private group tag.. this is only possible to automate via bot and same bot have to remove renter from group when rent time over with a kind warning. - In a place with busy local (clubs with gesture spams) chat messages sent via LSL usually ignored by user. Best option using bot to send private IM.. if user not interested s/he can block it. A bot apparently a must for proper management and service. We have multiple bots but they always sit on same SIM and perform tasks instructed via LSL.
  8. In mean time at middle asia it appears they have no clue what they are doing Today I went hospital for covid test.. It is negative and turns out this is my second time with infection. They asked if I want to donate blood.. I did.. after I get back to home I search for the plasma therapy.. Turns out result mixed (and risks too high) at the moment I am convinced they have no clue what they are doing. Their logic "It worked before and it will work again".
  9. Virus it self still kinda failure. Imagine a virus with long incubation period with no symptoms and very high death rate. This pandemic could end up as disaster. It is bad but could be worse. I don't think it is engineered or intentionally released because they apparently had better options for it if it was their aim. Their vaccine turned out somewhat less effective (or non effective 50% not considered as effective). Why release a virus if you are not going to make profit from medicine. Political and economic outcome also unpredictable, a gamble. It is usual pharma company tactic often used underdeveloped countries but usually used for agricultural products. Release a disaster to kill agricultural products and release cure for it.. They are doing to for years. But i don't think covid this kind of event..
  10. This solves the problem thanks for heads up I am not interested any email from LL safer this way.
  11. Thanks for answers If this mail from LL it looks unprofessional.
  12. I made so much money with fishing I don't know what to do with all this money. I bought triplex luxury house.. and a private jet.. and a tower (bigger than Trump Tower!) also I am thinking about purchasing a space ship from Elon Musk.
  13. I got a email from a address called "updates@mc.secondlife.com" is it official or some one trying to bait again. Topic: "Titmouse Virtual Cinema: Only in SL" with a strange emote. Address it self does not seems as official also links inside email very suspicious. (Linked to: Removed link might be dangerous) I wish we had a way to turn off all official emails to avoid this confusion.
  14. This is why they need reforms and more resources. A organization have to keep track of bigger picture and give "proper" advice and public guidance. Not everyone have time to do their own research some people does not even have tools do any research. This is why we need WHO (or any other similar global health monitoring) organization.
  15. At least they admit mistakes made.. But I am sure they will do better in future. Hopefully we will not have another pandemic but it is always better to be prepared for the worst. To prevent another catastrophic pandemic, the report suggests key reforms: A new global threats council should be created with the power to hold countries accountable There should be a disease surveillance system to publish information without the approval of countries concerned Vaccines must be classed as public goods and there should be a pandemic financing facility There was an immediate request for the wealthy G7 nations to commit $1.9bn (£1.3bn) to the WHO's Covax programme providing vaccine support to low income countries Panel co-chair and former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said it was "critical to have an empowered WHO". "If travel restrictions had been imposed more quickly, more widely, again that would have been a serious inhibition on the rapid transmission of the disease and that remains the same today," she added.
  16. Yes if something not your expertise you should listen advice of a expert. This is how it works. Virus spread so fast because everyone thinks they are doing right thing. People tried get away from Wuhan because it was right thing to do.. But is it? WHO claimed they have no reason to forbid flights.. Is it right to do? People also claimed virus droplet based, aerosol.. it wont survival in cold or hot, it will vanish at summer, smokers and woman less affected by virus etc.. Everyone is a epidemiology expert apparently. Instead of individual acting some one hast to take account of bigger picture and give proper guidance based on science instead of giving advice by heart (aka WHO). At the moment we are doing complete random things lock down with no fruit. We are eradicating it in one location it shows up somewhere else and spreads again.
  17. You can rearrange price according to cut. This is what they are doing probably. A software in google play 10 USD on apple store 10 USD + Apple cut. If it is selling creator / developer does not care about the cut same income for developer. This is what I observed while making content in google play.
  18. I think its not about people but governments.. People does what ever they feel right to do in time of crisis. Some people don't care or they don't have time to investigate about health crisis or rumors about virus. Usually government handles things.. like lock downs, mask distribution, hospital and financial organization, providing correct guidance for clueless people. I consider my self clueless because early days of pandemic we watch or read random "experts" who giving random advises it was highly unprofessional and most advises mixed conflicted with each other.. one group said masks necessary other not necessary.. another group says some random drug helps patients other says it is not proven with clinical data and not reliable This is why WHO have to give accurate information. This is why governments paying for advice (It is funded by various governments: https://www.who.int/about/funding/assessed-contributions)
  19. Don't google it.. But I know you will game name: Bad Mojo I have mixed memories about it
  20. It just takes a few clicks to find out why: https://www.pharmiweb.com/press-release/2020-07-15/half-of-british-public-scared-of-going-to-hospital-due-to-covid-19-risk-and-time-wasting https://www.npr.org/2020/05/06/851173949/covid-19-fears-may-be-causing-people-to-ignore-medical-emergencies https://www.startribune.com/scared-of-covid-19-millions-risk-getting-sicker-by-avoiding-hospital-care/571267152/ BTW: I didn't say I am afraid of hospital I heard in news people not going to hospital due pandemic..
  21. This happens if you are in different locations for security reasons LL will temporary lock down account. If you are living in same location I am not sure.. reason might be different. Happened to me after I change my location temporary (1 week) lock. After 1 week they open my account.. They are trying to figure out if you are actual user or account hacked. Best way to find out send a ticket with alt account.
  22. They don't test dead people for COVID at least here.. they don't do it.. People afraid to go hospital for test because they think they might get virus from hospital. If some one died COVID like symptoms they will mark death reason COVID. I don't know about USA.
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