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  1. Do you know actually some people kill them self just for money? Just saying... not implying anything because I don't understand monarch. If you have money you make things happen with or without personal intervention, depending situation.
  2. I think majority in this topic USA residents.. I don't know about politics but IMO despite bad start USA handling whole thing very good. I believe in next year it will be all green in USA. Mask always helps while dealing with disease / toxic aerosol and droplet based threats. It is not 100% safe but it will significantly reduce initial viral load you take or cause on others which might be (still unknown but why risk it) key factor of death or recovery. At summer its is hard to work with mask every 2 hour I change my mask because it gets wet.. I get away from people remove mask take f
  3. I think it is somewhat good strategy all they have to do keep queen alive, think practical:
  4. What is SL? I don't know really (It might or might not be a MMORPG). There is no direct objective or goal. But everyone have different opinions: For some poeple its a virtual platform (sailing, flying, fishing, dancing etc...) game. For some people it is a role play game. For some people its a place for meeting new people, social platform. For some people it is a development platform.. Etc.. many different opinions.
  5. I don't know what exactly you are looking for but here is very basic guide for SL from start: Edit: Included full video listing if you are not sure what you are looking for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y26VOR3ksU&list=PLD237D0E11AC1F341
  6. You can actually protect your self from it if you take it next level. LOL! 😛 You need matching particulate filter. NIOSH approved P100 particulate filters. I doubt anyone wants to wear it in public (and it is very uncomfortable) but we do use those in our work and it can protect you against toxic aerosol particles. If you ever see some one wearing this mask.. go away they breathe towards you due airflow design. It will not protect others but wearer.
  7. Yes.. bleeding wound of Middle Asia "Afghanistan" a playground for USA and Russia. Serving in Afghanistan very important feat indeed.
  8. Sadly yes and silly part they follow advice of WHO despite people constantly saying they can't afford lock downs anymore. Mainly restaurants, merchants (small business owners), tourism owners going bankrupt rapidly and they are allowed to give "no salary vacation" to their workers. I believe we are getting a point of social unrest very rapidly and pandemic going to be last of our worries when it is happens.
  9. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus living in a utopia world. Where everyone can be locked down and live with photosynthesis. Organization and head of organization become a meme source at the moment and not taken seriously. But your assumption understandable because USA offering bill during pandemic so you assume every country doing same. I am not defending herd immunity idea it is not a solution. But they should offer secondary option for the countries who must work and cannot afford to lock down cost or vaccine cost. I am only worried about elderly people and people who have chronic he
  10. I don't know if it helps but I have a few suggestion: - Add a option to disable sending notices to offline group members not every group needs to inform offline members. - Disable sending group notices for users who is inactive in SL for long period of time. - Add option to limit people who receives group IM (only moderators can see group chat message and reply it via IM) this will help support only groups with staff members who does not want "random volunteer help" also reduce chat IM traffic. This is how actual support system works on websites you click on chat bar ask your qu
  11. I am okay with creepy people (or shall I say different people?), I had lots of laugh thanks to them. It will be boring if we had same type of people all the time. If things get to much weird I can block and de render them anytime.
  12. You are probably right.. we are different. Apprenticeship exist almost every country with limited job availability (in here). Good to know actually those jobs useful in some countries, does not bring any suitable income in my country (unless you are okay with work for food grade income).
  13. Some of those jobs died already and many of them will die eventually. Trading not always reliable way of income it has ups and downs and requires capital to startup. Electrician used to be decent job but you should not learn it with "apprenticeship based method". It requires proper university learning or you might get your self killed.. Fixing a radio simple task but making a electric infrastructure for a building not same thing and dangerous if not educated properly. Majority of carpenter products made by automated factories.. yes it is not top tier but you can't compete with p
  14. Not all bots traffic oriented some of them just for decoration (but not marked as scripted agent and contribute traffic.) It is discussed before but short version LL have a policy but they don't apply it (no one banned because of bots). I guess you can report them but probably they don't take any action.
  15. I agree their current system expensive and not suitable for majority of residents. Yes, marketplace not LL's idea But they realized it is necessary to have it for a proper service and income. They should be doing same thing for land rentals because it is necessary if you want serve costumers (residents) proper way and avoid this kind of topic(s) all together.
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