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  1. anyone know where this tattoo is from? ty kindly
  2. very informative information! you're right that it makes sense to me but I doubt I'm the only one. i now understand that perhaps they serve some type of purpose. i'm just trying to figure SL out and am open to changing my opinion if someone responds to my frustrations with something useful that will help me learn more about SL 🙃
  3. it's okay to ask about things in which i don't understand. i didn't know sims could play hud games or do chat relay. when i enter a sim full of 30+ and it's completely silent, it's fine for me to assume they are either bots or just AFK. i've went to Info Hub's recently where default avatars are all in a group, facing the same way, and then some disappear and different ones reappear so I wondered if those were actually bots. maybe they are just new people to SL though. so in a way... i can make it my business to try to understand what it means 🤭
  4. hi, yes, i don't think i asked if there was anything i could do about it. just sharing some SL frustrations, but that doesn't me i'm begging for a way to fix it lol
  5. I bet this has been talked about many times but since getting back into SL and exploring as many populated places as I can find... The AFK and bot avis are THE WORST. I see 0 point in sims to AFK at... Idk. They only make sense if the sim has a theme that needs some characters added to it.
  6. well my friend and i aren't black but we're always down to make actual friends here. if you wanna add me you can! we mostly just go to random places and mess around and try to talk to people and go shopping. it's not like you'll have the time of your life but it's something to do at least. i do understand what you mean though. i can't count how many times i've been in a voice sim and there's just constant use of the n-word because they're safe behind their computer. there's always someone that ruins the chill experience we're all trying to find here. so i can understand why you'd want to try to find like minded people and not have to deal with that BS.
  7. jordan i promise u i am a delight and i just want friends lmao :(
  8. I'm finding it hard to find active sims where people type in public chat. But I'm sure there are places where it is active. It can be voice or non voice and preferably not where it's super Adult oriented where someone only IMs you if they're interested in anything sexual. Strangely enough I can't find a lot of forum questions that ask this same question. I would really prefer maybe a 39 and under type crowd but I know sim's are not dedicated to one type of age group unless it's 18+ which I understand. I just started hanging out on SL again with my friend/SLpartner but we have a hard time finding decent places to talk to people unless we go and browse around adult sims, but it's not totally a place to make actual friends. Honestly we would just LOVE any type of public interaction! Any suggestions are appreciated if you're willing to share your hangout spots!
  9. Can anyone help me find bloodshot eyes? Also known as "high" eyes I guess. Maybe ones that were made more recently like 2019 to now? Thanks
  10. Any stores that have animations for thicker avis? Like standing/walking/running etc. The ones I know of are for the thinner avis and I'm not sure how to search for more
  11. I Just downloaded Catznip and I can't figure out how to put together an AO. I have seperate stand/walk/running poses etc and in Firestorm you can put them all together. Is there a way to do that in Catznip?
  12. I think I've seen some add-ons for the bodies but I have no idea how to find them. Like butt and boob add ons that adjust the shape too? If anyone can help that'd be great!
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