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  1. “Secondly, they NORMALLY remove posts with no relevenacy to the post.“
  2. Editing and removing are 2 different things. She clearly said remove, not edit. Secondly, they normally remove posts with no relevenacy to the post. Not because you just want something removed. Otherwise, they’d let you just remove it yourself instead of submitting a help ticket and then having to wait. By then, everyone and they momma saw the post. Hope that helped you out 😊
  3. For future references, you can’t remove your post/comment or anyone else’s, if someone else has posted under the same post as the post now belongs to the community of SL forums. But anyway, scroll the recent Inworld Employment posts and I’m sure you’ll find something of interest. Or if you’re inworld, type in hiring or looking for in the maps search bar.
  4. Oh no. I’m annoying? But you keep entertaining me.
  5. Obviously you have to look at the application for your answer. P.S. “Just being helpful”
  6. Lol what’s wrong with being old? You know me so well, but where did I input my age anywhere? Why so prejudice against the elderly?
  7. Real life jobs? But you snooze and eat while watching these forums? Weren’t just under Kokomo’s Club post asking about a management position? Lol.
  8. Grandma* or Grandmother* There’s your education. Free of charge. I don’t mind assisting the poverty.
  9. Didn’t know Karen cards exist. LOL, but now that I do. I should throw em’ !
  10. Here we go again 🙄 What’s up with all the miseducation? You can correct someone all you want, refer them to the right direction all you want. Whatever. I’m pretty sure everyone has got that. The point that keeps being misinterpreted, is the fact that correcting someone is one thing. But when you throw in the trying to be flamboyant with it. You’re wrong. I’m not going to correct someone positively, and then throw in, By the way, you’re kind of ugly.” That’s how this post went. So look into that 😊
  11. If I needed glasses to see...Hun, I wouldn’t even be able to type. Educate yourself please, clown 😂 Smh.
  12. Ohhhhh someone’s BUTTHURT lol. You took the time to type up all this unnecessary bull that makes no sense what so ever, KAREN. Aren’t you the one who went around scamming people for some bull interior designs? Yeah, that was you. I don’t earn money, I get money. I’m not the one on the forums running my mouth. It’s you, KAREN. Isn’t that what Karen’s do nowadays?
  13. As long as you know you were being “flippant”.
  14. So if my opinion means nothing to you. You sure do take the time to respond. I don’t bully, bullies. I make them aware of what they are doing. So you have a blessed day
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