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  1. Hiya! Looking for an experienced interior designer that is able to decorate my home as soon as possible. Please contact me inworld with your social links so I can see your past designs! Thank you.
  2. Can't find you inworld! But in need of interior designer.
  3. Is somebody selling 48 x 45 platform for my new skybox? I want it to fit perfectly, please contact me in-world with your prices. Thanks.
  4. Hey there! I have recently bought the onsu downtown skybox from the marketplace, which is 48 x 45 and I'm in need of an interior designer! I'm not that great at decorating myself however, I have already added a few furniture so I wouldn't want those removed. I'll need you to contact me and show your previous work! Thank you.
  5. Hey there! Hope you're all doing well during these troubling times. I'm currently looking for somebody that is experienced in recording and editing while being willing to become my personal NSFW video editor. Meaning you'll be recording specific XXX adult content type of videos, please contact me directly if you are interested. Thank you very much.
  6. The Desirable Vivienne @ The Monarchy The most exotic and irresistible Vivienne you'll ever come across, I'm specialised in providing clients with pleasure and memorable sexual experiences. I'm known to satisfy every single sexual need of clients. I have a craving to please you, and your naughty desires... Take an adventure into the wild side of pleasure, you'll never want to leave. Let me satisfy that sweet-tooth of yours, we both know you are tempted! If you have an interest in being provided with constant pleasure and excitement, feel free to message me for my rates. ♥ INTERESTS
  7. Great! Feel free to IM me! Thank you for your interest
  8. I'm Vivi, and I've actually returned to SL after a three year break, on a different account! I'm always down to meet new people, if you are interested, feel free to send an IM ❤️ I'll be looking forward to reading your messages, thank you
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