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  1. No for a position. People look for jobs so is it wrong to answer multiple when there are multiple positions that needs to be filled?
  2. We'll help you train up too
  3. We'll help you train up. We need hosts, security and djs
  4. We need djs and hosts and security. We'll help to train you if we find you got what it takes. So don't hesitate to poke us
  5. Tips vary a lot. Mostly an sl job is for fun and all tips are just a major plus. If you're interested in hosting and we find you got what it takes we'll train you up. Otherwise we got dancepads with tipjars on you can use if you have our tag on
  6. If you're interested and we feel you got what it takes you'd have the possibility to become host. Otherwise we got dancepads with tipjars that you can dance on as long as you got our tag on
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