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  1. hey im planning on making my own BOM skins, can anyone guide me on what kind of materials/programs i will need to make skins?
  2. open the .obj of the body in the dev kit folder in marvelous designer...make your clothing there..save your clothing as an .obj file..export both maitreya obj and the clothing obj in blender and then rig
  3. What kind of objects are you trying to upload?
  4. hello! I am planning to open up my skin BOM shop for males although im very inexperienced and clueless right now. Can someone guide me on what I (materials, programs) need to start creating skins? Want to create skins for Lelutka and Catwa heads
  5. Anyone know how to render images in blender? Message me @suprehmo resident
  6. Looking for a photographer. Please show me your portfolio/flickr/instagram (whatever is more convenient) Looking for someone that can produce good quality photos (this is for a shop ad) message suprehmo resident
  7. Hi are you still offering services?
  8. Hello! I dont think I've recieved it. Please message again
  9. If you know how to make a HUD layout (not scripts, but the photo layout for the HUDS) message me inworld at suprehmo resident please include your pricing and some examples of your work PRICE STILL NEGOTIABLE
  10. Need someone with skills to recreate this in blender. I will need the .obj file and a AO baked texture/png texture layers. Need the UV maps unwrapped and not overlapping. No rigging required. Very meticulous with folds and details Hoodie reference https://gyazo.com/d3be1a01056a4cd2419c3449bd823c3e Contact me Inworld: Suphremo via notecard Instagram: thesuprehmo
  11. In need of a texture template/baked templates of a provided mesh. Need someone with experience in texture/baking in blender Message me inworld, pls send a notecard! Messages disappear for me. Inworld: suprehmo
  12. I have experience in all those mentioned! Send me a resume inworld i can fill up if you're hiring! Inworld: suprehmo Not looking for tip based jobs
  13. Hi y'all 🙌🏽 So i have this mesh that I had to change the rest pose in blender to fit the clothes better. I added weights.. tested the weights out on blender and everything seemed fine until I uploaded it to second life. The arms tuck near the stomach area. How do i fix this? Or what am i doing wrong or not doing? Also, i'm very new! Would appreciate it more detailed instructions 😁 Picture of clothes in blender https://gyazo.com/8dbd976c01621fd0dfd5d680c9bb8257 Picture of mesh when i upload it to secondlife https://gyazo.com/a5bcfca0a84409741d72256047df1242 than
  14. Need someone with experience in rigging clothes/accessories/shoes for male and female on secondlife Payments via paypal or lindens Looking for longterm partnership! If interested pls contact me inworld: Suprehmo resident Or instagram: thesuprehmo
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