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  1. Hello, Name is Dots and I want to cut this short for everyone. I am looking for someone to do store ads with. Someone who is good at clothes making and is looking to start out as a new brand. I been making store ads now for half a year already for a vehicle store and I am very happy so far but I wish to get some extra work on my hands. Yes I know some people do them alone but some are just terrible at making them and no wonder why they don't have huge sales but i am here to help and boost sales by doing better quality ads. Think of this as a rare opportunity to get started with a new store. I hope we do weekly releases and monthly events. I can also help with sales flow as i was a CSR back in the day.I can share my socials on request. I check back this forum page later. Leave a message in my DM box or below and hope we will have tons of fun doing this.
  2. Hello. Some people may know me but OK whatever. I need a job to feed my other small future projects i have in mind. I currently work for a vehicle company and make ads for their stores but payment is just that vehicle and I come to conclusion that i will still work for them but i need a paying job as well. Ads as in marketplace posters or.. (now here's the kick in the gut) .. or i can do vehicle paints for your airline within SL (but then again that would be a one time payment and doesn't help on long run). I can be a CSR (Customer Support rep/service) in a store too or a manager in club not a problem (i prefer the role of manager for clubs doing external contracts and getting new designers to join midnight mania for "event giveaways"). I can also be a CSR for a rental estate. I been there and done that before (I cannot say in forums what jobs i had or who i worked with or else Linden lab would remove my post and send me account warnings but just to be clear I have a 9 years old account and counting in SL and seen lots of stuff). I am looking for a job that would pay me weekly at least 650L. Thanks for your time and yes i do follow this forum topic on daily basis.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a job just to earn extra lindens, to have fun, and to socialize. I will do anything you offer to me. My desired career is hostess at parties and clubs! Not looking for big pay, just something to help me going! My time zone is (CDT)! I will work anytime. I can work from 5:30 AM (second life time) I have NO EXPERIENCE in working! I have experience with events, role play, and groups but I am open to learning and I'm a fast learner. My avi is older than 30 days! It's 2 years old! I own an mesh body! Thanks in advance!! Contact me: @/hiimynamestee
  4. Vikki's CV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, my name is Vikki and i used to work before in SL as a dancer, i also used to be a DJ at some point. Looking for: Right now i'm just looking for something more relaxing and fun to work on, like being a waitress or a maid. Or anything that isn't involved in clubs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bio: Name: Vikki (nansiilievaaaa) Gender: Trap (But also can be female in SL) Country: Bulgaria Languages: English/Bulgarian Age: 23 Experience: Decent in certain jobs. Likes: Having fun time's and is always friendly with people. To be there for people when they need me. Anime :3 . Personality: Cute, cheerfull, funny, caring. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Hit me if you have interesting offer and to know more about me. C:~
  5. Kinda curious on having an sl job since money is a bit tight. Though, I noticed a lot of jobs rely on appearance and I'm kind of uncomfortable having a human avatar at the moment [or at least being like. forced to. I've been rockin anime avatars lately] and I am super uncomfortable with any sort of sexual job or anything that requires a mic or a sexy human avi yet that seems to be all I'm seeing. I almost wonder if a job is even possible for me. I'm really down to try most things but some things to know, if it helps: -roleplay [something I actually adore. I rp A LOT but never on sl so there's probably some sl specific roleplay things i don't know about 😞] -I'm a digital artist -I can talk to people and it's become pretty easy for me over the years. People seem to really want to talk to me for some reason -never had a job in sl before. I know I know "but you've had the account 11 years?" i'm only 23 and made the account when i was too young and recently got back into sl properly like. this year so I guess i'm sort of "new" in some regards lmao. so some training may be needed but I learn pretty quick -though i have the ability to pull out a super model human avatar, it makes me uncomfortable so i'd really be happy with something that doesnt superficially judge based on avatar appearance [my avatar changes a lot anyways and my icon does not reflect how he looks all the time. sometimes I am human but i feel gross about it but we're not getting into my baggage with that] -i have a lot of free time and a flexible schedule -not really job related but i use he/him and so does my avatar and im agender so like. it would be cool if this was respected again I still wonder if a job on sl is even possible for someone like me but its worth trying. iw is Jinx Lavarock btw but y'all knew that edit: okay I guess i do have a human avatar that doesnt make me upset but its no big booby super model
  6. Im Harmony Rayne and im looking for a job in hosting or dancing Ive never hosted but am willing to learn I love to meet and greet new people while making friends so it seemed like a good fit I have danced on a another platform before , Im only ok with roleplay dancing not vc of cam im a bit new to second life as im starting up my old account but i got a few dances and am getting more next month along with more clothes,i have perm and am able to work from 3 pm to 8 pm est in real life , Im willing to do interviews or show my roleplay skills. Im trying to better my second life and finding a job seems like a good way to do it!
  7. Hi.I need help pls ,advices how to make some money.tips about jobs .Thank you
  8. Hi my name is June I'm a female DJ. I use VirtualDJ2021. I'm looking for clubs and events to dj at so hit me up inworld at junejewels: secondlife:///app/agent/c0360d59-0a38-4c82-a4f8-c7a5e8f00118/about
  9. Hello my name is Eve and im relative new to SL. I want to try out modelling, i know that is diying but i wanted to give it a shot anyway. If you have any suggestions i'll welcome them. Also if you have anyother job offers i would welcome them too. This is my Flickr acount (If you want to know how my avater looks like): https://www.flickr.com/photos/190070102@N03/with/50428197926/ Thank you for your time, you can contact me inworld by IM or NC on evean01
  10. As the title suggests. Willing to do most things, with the stipulation that they pay. Inworld jobs should accept furry avatars. Inquiries on creation are welcome as well. Please contact me inworld if interested. (I retain the right to turn down any work at my whim.)
  11. Hi, i'm doing a topic again because I lost the last one LOL. I got very many job possibilities but due to RL issues I couldn't see them all or do some of them I'm looking for a job in modelling, I always wanted to try to model here in SL, imo i think it is a fun experience and I would like to try it out. My avatar is polished, I own a Maitreya body and a Genus head (StrongGift001), but i can switch to Lelutka (Erin) or Catwa (Freya free head) if needed. I'm usually on SL everyday. If you have some gigs, let me know in a PM find me inworld floryandreea12
  12. Hello, I'm extremely new to Second Life and would like to find a job. I'm 18 IRL, I'm currently a Graphic Design student so I could definitely help in regards to things like posters but I am looking to expand my portfolio! I come from IMVU so I have some dancer experience. If you would like to see some work I've done in some of my previous Graphic Design classes or even just for fun you can check it out here. Below is just an example of something I've done in my free time, but do feel free to check out my wixsite for more!
  13. Hello! My name is Rexy and I just installed Second Life. I am figuring out the game and found out you can have jobs! even though I'm new to second life, I have some experience in some aspects so here's some things about me! I'm 22 years old I can work arround 4-8 hours weekly Im a fast learner I have experience working as a Secretary/Assistant and as a Waitress irl I am friendly and sociable I enjoy meeting new people Be sure to reply to this message if you could hire me!
  14. I am looking for a job that is apropriet for teens! I am kinda new and my account might be 10 or 20 days old but yea! My mic & cam doesn't work and i have never got a job exept in discord!
  15. Any job aside from escort and dj-ing would be fine. I'm 24 years old irl and about 2 weeks in second life. Here's my flickr for anyone interested. https://www.flickr.com/photos/189272262@N03/
  16. i am a month old on sl. and im practically available everyday of the week for right now up until starting beginning of January and beginning of December i'm looking for a job that will pay me for my time and effort.
  17. Hello there. I am looking for some sort of in-world employment, as the title suggests. Willing to do basically anything, as long as it pays, and accepts newer players and furry avatars. I have some skill in scripting, as well.
  18. Hey there im Tygo, ive been on second life for 3 years it tells me but i havent really done anything with it until now. Just looking for a place to get started earning L$. My time zone is est and im available after 3pm for the most part.
  19. Dream NightClub, Beach & Events is HIRING * DJs * Hosts * Live Singers/Performers/Musicians * DJ Manager - 1 * General Manager - 1 We pay 100% tips to staff & we also pay salary if you stick with us for 30 days or longer. Salary paid after 30 day period is up. We'll also pay all staff bonus per set so they spend 2 hours in the club during sets. Come on down and fill out an application in the club OR IM / NC DREAM GENERAL MANGER DEVIL HORNBRIDGE. HOST APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/host-application DJ APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/dj-application NOTE: You must be 30 days old
  20. Looking for a good job in sl! Willing to work as many hours as i can get
  21. Hello i have been for past few years painting vehicles to make ends needs for various clients but I decided to look for other opportunities. I'm looking for someone who knows how to make mesh objects and has a store for whatever it may be. It can be clothes or other stuff but i prefer to do clothes. I wants to do BOX Art. Here are some samples i did in the past for demo and personal use. These are just a few samples. I wants to make more of these but for YOUR SHOP. Please msg me in-world and i will see what can be done or leave a message here. Thanks for your time!
  22. Hello there I'm a few days old account 22 year old irl looking to make some Ls, I am looking for a couple hours or so time on the pole to dance on which I'm fine being clothed or unclothed depending on requirements/ preference of the place. I have a couple furries and one human avatar all female that I can use it would be a case of take your pick on whom I shall use unless you don't mind me using what I feel. I'm on the English time zone, usually get on about lunchtime and am free until about 6 pm my time. I don't have much in the way of sensual attire so will admit it would be easier if I was a nude model unless the job can provide a "uniform" heh. I would like to make clear I'm not interested in sex work/escorting. I'd like to be ensured my safety on that by the boss please. Please use my name to contact me if you've read this and as an employer think I'm suitable for placement you have. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
  23. Ahoj. Jsem Elena Rose, 17 let, dívka hledá práci tady ve svém životě, protože si nemyslím, že investuje do hry v tomto stavu, protože není na studenta vůbec dobrá. Nepoužívám Mic, protože jsem někdo neměla. Můžete mi pomoci pomoci běžně placenou, ne napůl nahou / děvku práci? Hledám RP, díky díky pozdravy .... Elena Rose
  24. hi! i figured i'd offer my services again considering ive gotten better at making shapes! My shapes are mainly for female avatars and i can do them for catwa, lelutka evo or genus heads; i can make any shape you want! natural, celebrity-esque, exaggerated etc. My schedule is pretty open at the moment. Examples of my work can be seen on my personal shape on My Flickr and here's a shape ive previously done for a friend here my prices are 300-500L$ to request one contact me inworld Bunny La Femme (prlmadonna) i usually come on sometime between 7 AM SLT - 2 PM SLT - 2/3 AM - 3/4 PM SLT if that helps! and ill try to your shapes to you ASAP!
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