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  1. That is exactly my age and I made my avatar to look like real me, I approve it's accurate : D
  2. Thank you, it's way more fun in mainland with total freedom, I like it more than Bellessaria and private regions, ugh private regions I hate it, I will never get a house in there NEVER! I own around 32k sqm of land on mainland all around the map with different themes, there are some really beautiful locations in mainland, you just have to take your time while exploring and look around, I'm sure you're gonna love it, good luck!
  3. I think this sim fits your description, check it out and good luck! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kingdoms/87/250/68
  4. Unfinished! if anyone knows of a super high quality stores with rustic themes like apple fall and and nutmeg please tell me about it, I'm stuck..
  5. So many ideas and not so many prims, I had this specific idea for this trailer but prims hit me! it such creativity killer! i thought i can pull it off but I couldn't, most of the items i needed are from backbone and haike and they're known for high land impact sadly, so I've decided to abandoned this place and start over with this 80's theme on a mainland with this lovely house from the latest HAIKEI gacha. If anyone interested in the location let me know, everyone is welcome to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wood/88/64/22 *this post sponsored by the "This" word 😛
  6. A cute sign from floorplan, they're having 50% sale for 3 days, even tho it's not really "my dream" as the sign say but I like it so i had to use it
  7. Volo answered my ticket 3 months ago, and she was nice, I don't like a very formal replies like a bot from supports, and this was empathic which was nice, makes me feel they're humans after all!
  8. The beautiful view around me I couldn't resist buying a land in here!
  9. I got bored of all the summery vibes going on in second life, so I bought a snow land for a change from my main home which is a beach house, I wanted it to be a magical enchanted winter retreat, but so far it's becoming more and more as a haunted hill! I'm sure my neighbors hate me now xb
  10. I'm having the same problem, logged off ,cleared cash logged back in and it's still there, nothing we can do now, we just have to wait for them to fix it.
  11. Nope, not everyone, I don't have Alts, and I have nothing to hide because believe it or not, I'm a PG player! But I'm thinking to get an alt now for linden homes Hunting, that's the only reason I would get an alt.
  12. Type in the inworld search any words like Anime, or Pokemon or anything you're interested in, and you will find a lot of groups that have the same interest as you, check them out and join whatever you like from the results list, good luck!
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