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  1. Finished my house yesterday 😋 it's quite a bit LI but still got some left 😃 I looove my stuff pink/white/warm/colorful/shiny (I know I'm such a basic ***** but who cares 🙉) Oh and yeah, I'm one of those annoying people that have Christmas trees and decor for 4 months minimum, it's never too early for Christmas 😂 PS still had some LI for some backyard furniture and some outdoor stuff, as well as some trees, fence and etc. 😁
  2. So yesterday I finally managed to grab a house that I wanted in Carumba 😋🥰 Finally! Home sweet home
  3. Down on the West Coast, they got their icons, their silver starlets, their queens of Saigons
  4. ONIOCHALASIA - (n.) buying or shopping as a method of stress relief and relaxation 😱
  5. 1 month old today finally 🙃 #aviprogress
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