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    Environments gone

    Found them in phototools.. I should have had a better look. Sorry I wasn't really clear about it. Thanks again everybody.
  2. If you had the time to lose, An open mind and time to choose, Would you care to take a look, Or can you read me like a book? Iron Maiden and my profile
  3. My name is Victoria, and I made a site where you can learn all there is to know about making pictures like I post on th SL-forum. Big please... :- )
  4. If you are German, at least I can understand you.
  5. Waiting for the next season of Vikings to know all the difference. My second guess would have been Iceland.
  6. Question: do people that visit Holland also visit us for something else then weed, windmills, clogs or Amsterdam?
  7. Ok, I got really worried for a moment. So... 2 days.... 71%.... guess you put it omn the charger? hah, just kiding, don't see many people post pics via their phone. Also, did you wake up on time with the alarm set?
  8. Haha, yes, that's why I mentioned Wales.
  9. Works fine here.
  10. Try locomokipkachelfantje. It is a Dutch word, and yet not a real word.Translated it will mean something like Locomotivechickenheaterlastpartofalittleelephant. Wales would be proud of us.
  11. Vietnam, France (yes, also thought it was Germany), Macau, China and Myanmar
  12. Male Leopard and lioness mix (Leopon), and Berlin
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