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  1. As I said, you're attacking me for my opinion. If you're so interested in how to know, go, report an abuse, which is really an abuse. Wait a week. Go back where it was (if it wasn't elusive like seeing a naked avatar with genitalia in a G rated infohub), and see if it's still like before the report. If not, it's 50/50 it was due to the report or not. Simple. You don't have to be a Linden to know what they do (or not do), you don't even have to be interested in what they do to know what they do. What's more, you don't even have to report a spectacular abuse yourself, others will do it eventually, and you can still see the result. It doesn't have to be "for a fact" that a specific Linden did something in particular, when it comes to abusive security orbs, encroached objects, etc. If they are suddenly not where they were, that means they were removed. And that is what matters.
  2. 1) It isn't my topic, so I can't help with that. 2) Let me know what I have to do. 2/A) I don't even know what trespasses you're speaking about, but I guess this is where it's pointless to even ask, because you just want to attack me for my opinion. Have a good day.
  3. This is actually covered in the Linden Homes 2 (Bellisseria) estate covenant, which considers the airspace between 400 and 2000 meters altitude for aircraft to pass freely. They covered this by "Skyboxes are only allowed above 2000m" and "Effective range [of security devices] cannot include the airspace between 400m and 2000m (to allow for people to fly overhead but not in the airspace where skyboxes are allowed)". So as far as the rules go, when you're flying through Belli between 400 and 2000m, you should be able to do so without even getting popup messages. Of course, reality is a bit different, but not so bad. This only applies to Bellisseria though, and not to Mainland, as Mainland doesn't have an explicit policy on skyboxes and security devices. There is a variety of ways to troll / harass / grief someone on mainland, so basically the more security you can get is the better, I actually can't blame people for having banlines and 0s orbs if they think they need them. After all, they might still not be enough if someone targets them, which is really disturbing to even think of. Regarding the skyboxes and random clutter in the air (hm, air pollution?), it would be really great to have similar policies, but it still wouldn't do much. Many of the parcels where these occur are owned by people that haven't logged in to SL since like 2010, and also if their lands are set up open for everyone to rez and keep objects at, the junk and small skyboxes are usually owned by random people and squatters. Simply making rules wouldn't change things magically.
  4. I always considered people reporting abuses (not only in SL but other virtual platforms as well) as witnesses contributing to the resolution of a case, if they witnessed a crime. There is nothing wrong with it, it's only a few people that are against it, for obvious reasons. If you come to a platform like this forum, though, and say "Hey, I found this thing here, and it has to be reported, everyone go and report it now!" I would say myself it is absolutely wrong. That would be quite the lynch-mob attempt. Since the OP didn't say this at all, it definitely wasn't the intention of the topic. However, by allowing us to see where it happened, if anyone really wanted to go and see it for themselves, they could, and nobody suggested to do so, so it's just their own idea - like mine was to even mention it. Consequences are sometimes different from what we would expect or find ideal, so there are plenty of ways to interpret what I said about them. In the particular case of orbs that don't comply with the rules on Belli, I just find it sad that some people simply fail to read the rules, which were, in fact, pushed into their face, in a good belief to remind them about their existence, instead they bring their habits from Mainland and isolated private sims, and their poorly made orbs (which would work properly if they cared to set them up properly). Maybe the only way to cut back on this tendency is to really disallow third-party orbs, but there are a few really good ones, so that would be a great disadvantage to those that are able to use them properly, and are the majority. So the proper way to deal with these issues is definitely filing an AR if you bump into them, then again if you bump into them again for whatever reason. Other than that, I think bringing the actual issue here to get to know more how to deal with it, and raise awareness of it in general isn't a bad thing, sure, you don't have to put a target marker on it to do so, but I don't think it can do any harm either. It's a fact though that one AR by one person doesn't bring any result to any violation, unless it is so serious and explicit that they take it as a priority (like "age" cases, and most of maturity ratings related things). Which means, the more, the better.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any pleasure in accidentally running into abuses every day in SL when I step out of my home sim (or even without it, when people bring them to my attention). Neither do I have any pleasure in trying to reduce the amount. I only have pleasure in NOT running into issues. I don't have to tag Lindens here to get more results either. They've already read my point about the enforcement of their own rules. Mostly, the reason for the tagging here was that the actual Bellisseria Covenant and a reminder of it were posted on the forums too, and the topic is relevant. Oh, I have to outline this better: I couldn't care less whether someone gets "evicted" or not. Once the issue is gone, it's gone, I don't believe in warnings/suspensions, actually. Those that break rules again and again, don't believe in them either. It is indeed up to the Govs and the people in question to care about those things. It's great the orb was already gone, at least I don't have to look up that sim on the map
  6. Oh, just don't come with that they have their right to privacy while they're breaking rules. I'm not all happy about things like this either, but at least this way more people can report it. People have to learn that their actions have consequences, and they have to take responsibility. Also, if the owner of the parcel continues to keep an orb there which breaks the rules, it's possible that it won't be their land for much longer. This behavior with the orbs, and the several other kinds of abuses on all Bellisseria, Mainland and a few larger private estates just make people like @Patch Linden, @Kristin Linden, etc have more work to do, but actually it might be the poor enforcement of the rules in some cases that allows people to continuously break the rules. (I could show interesting examples, like how a sex club can show in search as General rated content for months despite being reported several times, or how a waterway can be blocked entirely for several months while being reported, but I'm not keen on making those public. Yet.) At least removing such "illegal" orbs on Bellisseria usually goes pretty well. This reminds me to check back on the one from last weekend...
  7. Yes, if we stick to the topic, actually the RL pictures I selected wouldn't be the best for roadways. There are, actually, roadways at the east half of the Circuit, like at that horrible "pixel" bridge in Fishers Rest, up to Shetlon, that resemble the ones in these photos. I rather showed these for the terrain, I'm not a big fan of the wall / fence / high curb solutions on mainland roads either.
  8. Yup, if you file a support ticket as Qie suggested (and did), or contact live chat support, and ask them to do it, they'll do it. It's just restarting the sim on another host server. They usually do it without asking when things like this issue occur, especially if it occurs more than once in a short time.
  9. Unusual, but happens more than you'd expect, I usually run into it in "stuffed" sims that haven't been restarted for more than a week, then my car gets broken instantly when entering the sim. The other one is when you try to rez something and get an error message "Cannot create new object, because the object has caused problems in the region." (or something like that) Perfect indications of a broken sim, so far a simple restart, in the worst cases a host change, always resolved those.
  10. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_stored_passwords#failed_to_decode_login_credentials Other than what the error message says, the above things make it happen too. The only time I remember getting it, except one when it was a router change, is when Windows gets a build update.
  11. I just wish they did a better emulation of the real Corsica, it is beautiful. It makes a huge difference whether you make heavily rocky terrain by recreating the Moon, or this:
  12. That flying feather sounds very intriguing. I might want one too. Which dead uni sim was it at?
  13. Empty? Oh! It's still not something new, you still echo yourself, okay. You introduced a few new words, like romantic, nostalgic, etc, but I realize you still love the word "empty". So much that you keep coming back daily to bash on others' opinions. No, they wouldn't get more use, because nobody uses them, according to you. Didn't you just say they are always empty, because nobody uses them? And there are stations. They are recognizable, when you know what to look for. Let's say you haven't seen a bus in your life, you would have no idea what a bus is when you see it the first time. It works like that for first-timers with the pods. I think we've been through this argument once as well. And I'm still falling for your repetitive provocations.
  14. They can be. They're just not, because it is much extra work and probably too little demand from customers. Most land vehicles use ACS scripts, those don't have an autodrive function. Other, better-scripted vehicles usually don't have one either. It looks like the peak of technology in all of them is cruise control. To have an autodrive mode, the creator (or anyone else) would have to make accurate waypoint routes everywhere the vehicle should be able to drive on its own, and it would need a waypoint processing system in the vehicle's "engine" to be able to directly control its movement. Eventually, the vehicle would have to be stuffed with route notecards, but in those that can be modified (changed content), people would be able to add and take out those notecards anytime, and it would allow for people that already have such route notecards to use them, if they are in the same format as the script can process as waypoints. It's possible, some creators could do it. I'm not sure if many people would use the function, though. I know that many people would need the function, they just don't realize. They can't drive though, that's for sure. The other way is the one we mentioned above, where the vehicle would attempt to follow the road prims like SLRR guides. It has several difficulties. The script would have to be able to find the actual road prim, which can be an issue, since road prims are generally named differently on all roads, sometimes only named as Object (especially replacement prims), the prims are often overlaying, there are buffer prims on many crossings to prevent getting stuck in the prims, so not even the distance between identically named prims is the same. Then when the vehicle manages to proceed on the road (or on someone's paved yard if it managed to pick up those prims instead of the road), it should also apply a proper offset from the middle of the prim to drive on the right side (or left) of the road instead of annoying the hell out of everyone by cruising in the middle. It should be designed to work on control inputs too, to be able to easily turn onto another road in an intersection and then continue on its own. If it's combined with the waypoint notecard method, it can work too, it's just even more work to do. And most car creators can't even script, they just assemble the full perm models they bought, with ACS scripts, so there aren't too many people that would be interested in and be able to make a whole new system to include an autodrive mode in their vehicles. It would be really cool, though.
  15. The ones on Satori that almost caused me to have nightmares until a few months ago, used a somewhat modified SLRR engine script and used the actual road prims as guides, although they had some sort of route waypoint processing too. And they had an auto-delete script as well. It was really rare that I found any of them stuck anywhere. Still, the fact they were oversized, drove on the middle of the road, and in the last weeks of operation there were literally dozens of them cruising down Route 8 in a row, the most I saw were 42 in one sim - not stuck, moving - which was way too much. They're still available on demand, in their case it's actually the best solution I guess. I pretty sure won't ever miss them so much to press the button to rez one, I rather drive my own vehicle or hop on a pod or SLGI ship
  16. Ah, so old stuff! Then no wonder the "Ann" name didn't ring a bell for me. I'm finding some interesting threads now searching for her name, thank you I'm pretty sure if a specific automated vehicle would cause serious issues, I'd be the first to try to get them off the road, or fixed, as I actually had the pleasure to see such problematic vehicles. I'm glad the ones that are currently running work properly, even those that are in development. I'm wondering if this AnnMarie thing from the past is something that makes some people triggered against all automated vehicles, it looks like it had a big impact on some people back then.
  17. Well, the Circuit La Corse is just like that. What I don't like about the items is that most of them are sculpties, look ugly, and old. While driving among the few landscaping objects though, it gives a better sense of "reality" than totally bare sims. There are enough of those anyway. If you want bare rocks with the same textures, some parts of West Corsica along Route 11 are just like that. Road, a few landscaping rock items, and bare deprecated terrain. The bare rocky stuff wouldn't be actually bad, but that specific rock texture on it makes me want to get a moon rover all the time I go there. It would look much better with a good quality rock texture, and one that is not gray like this. One thing for sure, the hedges and pine trees look ridiculous growing out of the moon rock. Since Bellisseria, the only thing in my mind about this is seeing how great it could look. And it would only take some nice sandstone texture instead of the Moon, and a few better quality plants that actually fit in a (half-)desert environment. Pine trees. Jeez.
  18. @Lewis Luminos Anaimfinity, if you mean the green SLGI vehicles. Her stuff isn't banned (fortunately) either, so they're running continuously, the railcars were quite active on the SLRR yesterday. And yes, probably following guides helps a lot, especially if they aren't physical. The one thing that really gets messed up on bad crossings is physics, so physical stuff can end up literally anywhere, sometimes disregarding land perms too.
  19. You just return to this sentence again and again. Now you got me completely bored with it too. Of course you sweep everything off the table saying it's irrelevant, since it is not this sentence above. You don't know how to conversate. You don't know how to argue. You only want to hear what you say. No wonder many people simply ignore you. I'll join them. If only you were available on demand, I wonder if anyone would ever click the button.
  20. Thank you, I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of! Now this will make it way funnier when I'll see any of them inworld.
  21. There are a few options, it might be stuck in seated state (selected/sat upon), so it gets excluded by both the object entry and autoreturn scans, there are scripts that exploit a few functions and positioning to keep an object at a place. Actually if it's owned by a Mole or Linden, it doesn't have to be set to the appropriate land group, their objects can stay anywhere. Once I had to ask a Linden to pick up his ATV from the middle of a dirt road like this, because it was blocking the way of a driving event If it's resident-owned though, it is probably stuck in seated state, next sim restart resets it and it'll poof.
  22. Luxory took over Second Norway in April after the original owner wasn't able to keep the estate up anymore, and the two options were shutting it down or selling it. From what we, the general public were able to know from groups and Ey Ren's blog this was negotiated between himself, LL and the owner of Luxory, and with the knowledge of the affected neighboring estate owners. Half of Sailors Cove East went back to the owner of Sailors Cove South, for example, while the other half was shut down. To directly answer the question, the United Sailing Sims around the Blake Sea are a business partnership between LL and the estate owners, not simply a provider-customer relationship. I don't think any small or large private estate owner would be able to simply start an adjoined estate at the Blake unless it would be in agreement with LL and the other estate owners, obviously. Without those estates and their owners, most likely there would be no Blake Sea at all, so it makes sense. Two other things in regard of your original post: 1, Luxory and Willowdale Estates actually remained intact, they didn't shut down or relocate any of them to be able to take over Second Norway. 2, In April, when the expansion happened, new region sales were still in order, they were put on hold later, on 14 May.
  23. I won't use the same counterarguments again, since we've done this in the pod topic, and probably it was enough for everyone The two things you insist on is they are empty and should be rez on demand, so I'll just address these. It's actually quite easy to spot any kind of automated vehicle riding empty, so that's still not news. It's also quite easy to find whole regions that are empty at a time you happen to be there (well, empty except yourself, obviously), or you can see a LOT of them on the map that are usually empty. Which can include only avatars not being present or literally, the sim having no rezzed objects on it, even. If being empty is an issue, and the solution is rez on demand, many regions could be only started up once someone wants to actually be there, instead of running them 24/7. Which, of course, could be a good idea if saving resources was important, but come on, there are mainland regions with roads and waterways that are quite unusable for anyone since one parcel owner per sim decided to stuff their lands with heavily scripted bots and objects, we know that unnecessarily using resources is not an issue here, at all.
  24. Absolutely, if we only wanted realism, we wouldn't have to log in to SL. I love the cute and practical design of the Pods too. And sometimes I play Pac Man with them on the roads. (I get ahead of a fast one with my car and pretend I'm being chased LOL)
  25. Oh, security monitor? Phew, good thing I've never shot her, I'm always so tempted! 😂Jokes aside, I'm not a big fan of moving NPCs in SL, with my about 12 years of experience in MMORPG games, I could even say I'm not a big fan of moving NPCs at all, but it largely depends on how well they're made. If they look decent, and are programmed to walk between places to act like pedestrians, random crew on a ship, etc, sure, they add a lot to the environment. (For example, Star Trek Online did a great job on that in my opinion, and I couldn't even imagine it without them, because every place is so naturally crowded with them.) I'd say with more and more improvements, the two NPC girls in the GTFO HQ can reach a level where they would be truly decent, and maybe even be able to perform some tasks which could make them a good product as well. One thing for sure, even if she reminds me of those old zombie NPCs as she's coming closer and triggers my "Iwannashootit" reflex, I'm glad to see her, she indeed makes the place a bit more lively!
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