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  1. They are not currently for sale I am simply fielding offers to see what I should do. Sims are umansky and pelvoux . Sims have good depth for boats. No low ball offers under 1 mil. message Marco Corleone for offers
  2. Come Visit Satori Bay !!! One of a kind Marina with beautiful landscape !! With amazing rentals throughout 2 sims! Price points for all kinds starting at 250 and up to 3k. We also have a beautiful stage with town hall and yacht club. Satori Bay is located about 10 sims from Blake Sea. Follow the landmark below and message Marco Corleone with any questions !!! You wont be disapointed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/76/158/24
  3. great sim still available you wont find a full sim only 10 sims from Blake !! Come grab it !
  4. still available dont miss your chance these sims dont come available often
  5. Conveniently located 10 sims from Blake Sea. Welcome to Satori Bay !! Beautiful one of a kind marina with a variety of rental homes through out 2 sims! Yes thats right 2 beautiful landscaped sims with awesome marina. Boat slips for all vessels also offered. Deep water for vessels with a low keel. Boat slips are well priced for the area! Visit the leasing office for available rentals or message Marco Corleone. Very detailed sims for those looking for something special. (Just added 4 new beach homes with a private beach) Dont miss out on the boat slips they are going quick! Rental meters are on the mailbox of the homes Photo Below are our town houses that over look the marina http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/102/150/26
  6. Just cleared out a full sim 10 sims away from blake sea . This is a cliff sim with beautiful views overlooking the water ways . This sim has protected land in front and also has its own water entry on the NW corner. Perfect for who wants a cliff side home with water entry. This is a beautiful sim with an amazing location ! Make it yours today ! Rental price is 19995 weekly with 22500 prim!!! Dont miss your chance to grab this gem. Please send offers to buy to Marco Corleone. Rental box is in the center of sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ober/137/174/58
  7. Will be cleared soon will also consider renting the sim out empty 22500 prim
  8. as the title says selling one my full sims ober is the sim name. This is a cliff sim with protected sand in front as well as water entry to the west side. This is perfect for those who want an amazing view and also have water access for there boats. Also this sim is 10 sims away from the popular Blake Sea. These sims dont come available very often. Sim is not set for sale yet if you want to make an offer please message Marco Corleone aka itmafioso. No low ball offers please this is unique with un obstructed views of the channel right now I have it landscaped as a beautiful forest with homes. Can be cleared once the deal is made. thanks again!
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