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  1. This does not come along very often we are taking offers for 3 blake access protected sims! no low ball offers will be considered please be serious . They are not set for sale yet this would be a silent sale. Sims are ober, umansky and pelvoux Please message Marco Corleone aka itmafioso with serious offers. Would also consider maybe 2 for 1 if you have a really good one
  2. Always wanted to live close to Blake Sea but prices are outrageous . Come see our new sims at Satori!! We offer a variety of rentals ! Especially these town homes pictured bellow that over look the main marina with a beautiful board walk in front. Come check out these scenic sims that offer a one of a kind living for all. We also offer boat slips that beat the competitors prices. We are also flexable if you need certain amount of prim for your parcel. Come live on the water at an affordable rate and enjoy an amazing view for 695 week! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/35/62/32 Leasing office http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/102/150/26 Main Boardwalk
  3. You heard that right! Newly acquired 3 sims very close to Blake Sea on the Satori Continent . We are calling it Satori Bay. We are featuring a beautiful one of a kind marina with boat slips for all vessels! Thats right we will accommodate all size vessels! The marina will feature an amazing setting with town home rentals overlooking the water. Also walking distance from the marina will be the town square where will have a one of a kind yacht club for residents and guests. Our other 2 sims will be themed also a short distance from the town square , one of them will feature a forest theme secluded overlooking Nautilus City in the distance. There will be only 8 residents up on the hill so hurry up and come get yours. Our last sim will be our Beach Sim with its very own bay. Come sit by the sand and enjoy the scenery. This sim will also offer beach side rentals overlooking the docks. Each of our sims was designed by the sim owners who have a passion of landscape and design. We use only the best materials to make a awesome experience for all. Very affordable rates come be part of something special! We can accommodate mostly anything on our parcels so if you need a home in second life come check us out you wont be disappointed. Sims are now open with exception of our beach sim is still under construction. Landmarks are listed below come reserve your spot quick! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/83/58/31 Satori Bay Leasing Office http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/76/158/24 Satori Bay Dock Landing Point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelvoux/102/150/26 Satori Bay Boardwalk Landing Point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ober/21/111/47 Satori Bay Forest Sim Landing Point Be sure to visit the leasing office for pricing and availability or message my self or other property owner. Be sure to also check out our flikr as we start the revealing process. https://www.flickr.com/groups/satoribay/ Marco Corleone aka ITMAFIOSO or Lucecilla Vansant
  4. price reduced size is now a 9472m still same ocean front protected!!! Come make me an offer property needs to go ASAP!
  5. For Sale a beautiful protected ocean plot! Terrain can be raised and lowered. Many options with the property. Want to have a beautiful spot close to Blake heres your chance. Price listed is 355k linden but feel free to make me an offer and we can go from there. Amazing location! 10,752 with 3691 prim Sim name Barushkya (36, 177, 22) Any questions message Marco Corleone aka ITMAFIOSO
  6. Well just got finished with some lovely landscape on this 8192 parcel on Baruskya sim with 1875 prim. The parcel is beautiful landscaped parcel and can be yours for 3,000 linden a week!!!. I can make changes to the landscape if you wish or the dock. I want you to feel home. Take a look at the photos you want me disappointed. Again this is short sailing distance to Blake a protected ocean front. I have a few homes I can put down if you do not like the one rezzed. Im here to help you ! Come check it out you wont be disappointed. Barushkya (37, 224, 22) - Moderate Please message me Marco Corleone aka ITMAFIOSO if you have any questions!
  7. I bring you Dolce Vita Sim! Upscale and unique landscaping to give you a one of a kind experience in SL. It is brand new and just opened we have 7 unique plots and 4 town homes on the main street. More then enough prim for the cost. Come check it out you wont be disappointed. As you land you will be prompted for a note card for rental info. We will also provide the home please inquire about that if needed. Landscaping is done to your liking upon move in. The sim is currently in winter and does change as we move through the seasons. This project will grow so if you want to be part of something special come on down and grab your next home. Any questions message. Than you again for coming by and checking this out I look forward to meeting you ! Marco Corleone http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pymarid%20Island/80/220/26 https://www.flickr.com/groups/ladolcevitaditalia/
  8. Rotuma sim for sale on mainland!! 20k prim and with the linden lab discount on full sims its 175 month. Dont miss out on the beautiful sim with 2 sides protected with no one able to build infront. Looking for lower price of 95k for the full sim! Please message me in world also willing to sell with some landscape. Marco Corleone ITMAFIOSO
  9. Full Sim for Sale !!! Rotuma! Double sided protected with open sailing sims. Great location with great price! Come take advantage of this great deal for a full sim with 20k prim! Mainland full prim sim for 95k message me in world to take advantage! Rotuma Also willing to sell it with rental business please let me know ITMAFIOSO Marco Corleone message me in world
  10. Inspired by the beautiful real life Portofino . Come enjoy beautiful landscapes and scenery. Offering only 20 unique rental spots on this beautiful sim . Very low weekly rates with access to open linden water for boaters and sailors. Come check this out you wont be disappointed ! Check out the rental office at the landing point to check out available rentals. If your looking for a low cost one of a kind home this is the place!! Check out the photos and landmark below!!! Also be sure to check out the flikr page dedicated to this sim!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rotuma/78/175/26 Any questions feel free to message me in world Marco Corleone https://www.flickr.com/groups/portofinoitalia/
  11. New Portofino Sim! Created to give you the feeling of being in the real Portofino italia! Come check it out beautiful scenery with beautiful rentals and romantic spots around the sim to hang out. I spent good time creating this for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out the rentals on the main street. Also the rentals in the mountains will be available soon. Right now we have few rentals at 675 linden for 500 prim. Also this sim is connected to ocean sims so if you rent we can put your boat out in the port! Any questions feel free to message me in world . Hope you guys enjoy this come check it out you wont be disappointed. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rotuma/78/175/26 Marco Corleone
  12. price reduction to 4k week for 3500 prim for this one of a kind sim on mainland
  13. Newly Landscaped one of a kind sim on Rotuma!!! Only 3 secluded rentals all ocean front with lots of amenities on the sim for you to enjoy. I live on the sim but the spots are private with beautiful waterways into the sim. I do offer a free boat slip with your rental to not effect your prim count. All spots are surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches. Come check this place out!!! The landscaping does not take part of the prim that I do offer the tenants. These spots are one of a kind and there are only 3 ! These private spots are going for 4500 wk with 3500 prim on each! Dont miss the chance to come check them out landmark posted below.. Any questions feel free to message me in world Marco Corleone PS More prim available if needed CORLEONE COMPOUND, Rotuma (71, 87, 21) - Moderate
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