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  1. Hi everyone! We are still collecting information on groups that still seem to have trouble more than others, so please go ahead and submit a support ticket with your group's name! Thank you!!
  2. Group chat is a pivotal and important part of helping Second Life communities stay connected, and we've been working on improving its reliability and function for some time now. The challenging part of that is primarily due to how large and complex the system is. It may not seem too complicated from the outside, but inside the group chat apparatus it's busier than the mailroom at the North Pole at Christmas -- every message sent to a group chat has to be relayed as quickly as possible to every online member of that group. For a smaller group, this isn't too difficult, but for some larger and more active group chats this can be hundreds or even thousands of people. We have made some teaks to improve reliability and deliverability and to more efficiently balance the load placed on the group chat systems. However, we are aware that we are still experiencing intermittent issues with group chat. This is a feature we are continuing to work on in the long term and we would like to hear Resident's ongoing feedback to help us to not only maintain but improve group chat as a feature. As such, we feel that this subject is more suited to a forum communication than to an outage-like alert on the blog. Whenever you may experience an issue with group chats, please feel free to also reach out to support via a support ticket at https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/home!
  3. Hi all! I wanted to pop in and hopefully help to clear up a few things! While the regular support staff you are used to communicating with in Live Chat are available only during support hours, we do have processes in place to ensure that the majority of "after hours" offline regions get taken care of. Sometimes; however, they do require more specialized intervention which can delay bringing them back online for longer than we're used to. This has been support's process for quite some time now, long preceding uplift. - Dottie Linden
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