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  1. The new stilts in the works are coming along beautifully.. and I shall continue throwing my money at them for as long as I can lol Before(when sspe1734 first got it's land put in): Currently:
  2. Nobody knows, unfortunately. It's still a nice body, and while the BOM is HUD based it can still use it. No one has heard anything from the creator as far as I know, but after so long it may be safe to assume they don't intend on upkeep. I still use it on my male alt for my main body. I have Legacy, Aesthetic, and Gianni as well, but I still love the shape of Jake over the others.
  3. Iirc the Lelutka heads come with BOM activated. I had this issue at first, too. Try taking your head alpha off and see if it pops up.
  4. Limerence also has some curly hairs. If Doux, Knox, or Stealthic made a curly hair that didn't look like you spent 3 hours styling(and straightening) it, i'd be in heaven. Or.. at least curly hair that isn't all to one side. Crazy looking, even. Closest i've come to what i'm referring to are some AD styles.
  5. Think they meant OL. Most of them were Linden Home this morning, but like 2 were taken.
  6. 'Tis but a Stilt(the case that is put over the houses while the area around it is landscaped).
  7. If it stays that nice(and not blocked by overwaters), they are keeping my money, and I will continue to funnel.
  8. View from my porch is so pretty. *-*
  9. It's just north of Gorgeous Aurelia Beach, west of Red Palms.
  10. This appeared in the region next to my house today. On the map there is not yet a region there, but clicking the land brings up the usual Linden owned land. I'm sure it'll be shaped eventually, but I was so very caught off guard when I turned my camera and saw it lol.
  11. Tbh i'm not sure why they're named like that either, but I guess trying to abbreviate pier might be a little strange? OWP maybe?
  12. As far as I can tell, all pier say OW. My pier (same house/different region) also says OW, as do all the pier stilts around me.
  13. That's not the one i'm talking about. It is near it, though. I actually wasn't even aware there was a house there lol. Currently the dejected house has been taken for probably the longest it's been since i've been watching.
  14. There's a pier home in East Overshoe that just can't find any love. Poor guy. Or girl.
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