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  1. Isn't it a different process for premium plus, though? Doesn't she have to put in a request?
  2. I had this issue as well, submitted a ticket, problem handled promptly.
  3. Hi - my alt just released her stilt on land (with some water on the parcel) on Asiago (95, 233, 27). Nice place.
  4. I was charged $7.53 today - it said it was for a 1024 - but I have no land other than my free 1024 that comes with premium membership. It gave the name of two regions - once is where I currently have a Linden home. But the second one is a region where I'd previously lived and abandoned. Where do I go to dispute this charge? OK, got an answer - I submitted a ticket - apparently it had to do with a rollback that happened.
  5. With those stacked boxes, seems obvious, life in a storage locker because home rentals too pricey, and keep those kitchens in inventory because no space, thus pizza for dinner today, tomorrow....
  6. What ARE butterfly treadmills? Are you referring to some odd environmental sound that gets in your ear like a mosquito? I've had to leave some camper or log house sites due to weird noises I couldn't turn off without completely muting my space.
  7. Only info you have a Tesseract-enabled viewer
  8. Hi, what do you mean about triangle count? Is it something a non-builder can figure out?
  9. Finding a temporary shelter after realizing too late that she had abandoned five times, she takes refuge on the stone floor some old ruins on the old continent of Heterocera. Tomorrow is another day.
  10. You know... these summery homes need a community hangout spot... and this is located near some new construction... SSPE1199 (131,82,60). and (170,136,56)
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