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  1. I'm in the Bennet region (and I haven't bothered updating my profile. It still has my old system pic)
  2. A few hours ago, I dropped my draw distance down and that helped. I'm still over 100 and it's working better.
  3. Thanks, Tori, but there's no way I'm going to use a Linden avatar and strip off everything I'm wearing, just to be able to walk in my house or rez some items. My complexity is under 50k. Just rezzing a simple pillow on the floor took forever to see more than just a gray blob. It's 2020 and LL should be able to do much better than this.
  4. I'm experiencing terrible lag in Linden homes. It takes forever to even see the house and wall colors, and when I rez something it takes forever to rez. My typical FPS is 80-150, but there it's 4-12. I end up getting frustrated and leaving. It's not fun when it takes 5 or more minutes to see what you've rezzed. Even trying to look at a texture in my inventory took forever to become visible.
  5. Thanks for the further information. As for the HUD issue, all my hair and clothing HUDS worked normally, my internet connection is fast and good, my boyfriend wasn't experiencing any issues of any kind in our region, so I'm at a loss. I suppose there's no point in trying to analyze it, but just hope it was a one time aberration.
  6. I did those steps last night and it didn't work. In fact, I did it multiple times, including relogging. It's working now and I don't know why, but thank you for the explanation and instructions. It wouldn't make sense that the HUDS were "fried" because I tried MANY lipstick appliers targeted for Catwa and even a couple of Omega appliers and none of them worked. That would have meant that every HUD in my inventory had been "fried". I have another question because I'm not quite clear on what you said. You talked about lipgloss with stars, but what about a regular lipstick applier?
  7. I'm at my own house and it allows scripts. Everything was normal until I wore the Catya HD lips for a couple of hours. Now, none of my appliers work after detaching the lips. I even put a different copy of my Catya head on.
  8. I was wearing the Catya HD lips and detached them to wear different lipstick appliers. No matter what applier I try to use, nothing applies. I put on the master hud and cleared the lipstick and that didn't work either. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I'm attaching a photo using "Analu Natural" and the line is gone. I was using Analu *Studio* 5 and had been for several years with no problem on any of my skins until it changed literally overnight. I can't understand that at all. We turned off all light sources in the house, even though none had been added, and I TP'd to many regions and it was still there. I"m not crazy about Analu Natural because although my face looks fine, the house seems a little dark as if it were a dingy, cloudy day. I can't seem to find one that makes my face and the environment look good at the same time. (Firestorm
  10. Skell, My profile is blank on purpose. I keep my groups hidden, etc. and haven't bothered taking a new profile picture. I don't know why, but I didn't notice an IM from you, but I often don't bother looking at them. I'll send you a message.
  11. If you pay the $99 annually, considering the L$300 they give you every week, you'll pay $3.05 per month. That's not bad. The bad thing is taking groups away from basic members. That is really beyond wrong. You don't get people to become premium members by making basic useless and trying to force them. The 42 groups for basic is ridiculous and now they are reducing it even more. Shame on them. It may bite them in the .........
  12. I don't know what happened, but my response from last night isn't here. I got the latest version of Catya, checked all the settings, and it's still there. I've TP'd to other regions and it's still there. I'm using the same windlight I was using when it wasn't there (Analu *Studio* 5,), which is better than Nam's. I've changed my hair several times, I've changed skins, shapes, clothes, etc. and it's still there. Nothing has been added to our house either. It doesn't make any sense. I really don't know what to do or where to go for help. When I logged out one night, it was fine, but when I lo
  13. This is really strange. The line is back today. Nothing has changed since last night when it disappeared....same location, same everything. When the line first appeared, everything was the same too.....in my house, no new lighting sources, no facelights, nothing different. I TP'd to other sims and it was there. Today, I TP'd to only one other sim and it wasn't there. If I TP to the far edge of my yard, many meters away from the house it's still there. I'm using the same windlight that I've always used with no problem. I just TP'd to a second store, and it's there, and a third location that'
  14. I just solved it by adding a hair base!!!!!! It's odd that it just showed up last night when I haven't changed the hair base in eons. Thanks everyone.
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