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  1. Funny. If you're hiring someone isn't it normal to post that condition everyone to see and decide if they are for job?
  2. I was at sim but couldn't find application. But I am up for that job. Love the sim, btw.
  3. Its hard to find jobs in SL if you're a new character. Mostly they are looking for characters that are 90 days old. Also, in my experience, landowners don't bother to look post here so your best solution is to look here for active positions, go to that club and apply for job.
  4. About that.... I was in your club asking for a job and said that I am "old player with new avie" like you state in your post and you just completely ignored me (both owner and GM).
  5. I think you mistake your cordinates. I cant find you on map
  6. Hi. My name is Aurora, I am really social person and I am looking for a job as dancer, pole dancer or hostesse. If you own a club and need staff fell fre to contact me
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