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  1. Hi mai, i totally understand your situation as i am also new to sl and have the same issue , its sad that people dont talk much in sl . Anyways if you want some someone to talk to you can message me inworld 🙂
  2. Hi there welcome to sl add me imworld i would love to hang out .
  3. Hmm thats strange i guess very few people watch anime here
  4. Ofcourse , i love anime , i mostly prefer fantasy and thriller .
  5. Hi , i am looking for family rp. I want someone to be my parents in SL , i will be your daughter . We will have family time together like having a dinner and go for watching movies , camping , go to beach . I am new to this family rp so dont know much about it but i really wanna try it as currently i dont have family in sl i do have friends but they are not available all the time i want a family whose always there for me and help me in difficult times . I am sure we will enjoy together
  6. Hi , i am new to 2nd life and most of the time i wander alone as i dont have friends. I have tried many times to make friends but could not keep the conversation going as i am an introvert . I would really like to have some good friends who could teach me around and also have some fun together. Thanks
  7. Hi im also looking for friends i mostly play 2nd life alone , most of people dont talk much and since i am introvert i dont like to start the conversation . I hope we can be friends and have some fun in 2nd life.
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