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  1. Hiya guys! I'm looking to be a strip dancer. I do not voice for personal reasons and so I will not do voice verification. Anyone who is willing to hire me plz im me in-world
  2. I still dont know how to do any of that stuff. I went to llsetregionpos page on wiki and that helped me none. I hate when ppl try to help and I dont even understand what they are telling me. The stuff ik how to script I had figure out on my own and even that nearly caused me to rip my own hair out. I probably should just stop scripting and hire ppl to do it for me cause nothing in the post has made any sense to me.
  3. ok say what now? im sorry but huh?!
  4. I'm making these throwing knives that rotate using PRIM_OMEGA as they soar through the air and I'm wanting them to stick to what they hit. So by doing that, I thought i'd change the physics of them as well as the rotation when they collide. My code is as followed: default { state_entry() { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_OMEGA, <0,0,2>, 10, 1]); } collision(integer num_detected) { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_OMEGA, <0,0,0>, 10, 1, PRIM_PHYSICS, FALSE]); llSetTimerEvent(10); } } However, when it hits an object, it just b
  5. My best friend is a mesh maker and one thing he has tried getting hands on is a boomerang type of script. He has stuff that he could use it for and I want to make him happy the best I can and this would be really something he would appreciate. I'll pay for it to be made with how much money I can gather up. I dont care if someone makes a no modify copy of the script as long as he can he use it to make weapons that he can sell. Plz message inworld
  6. Um.... I'm just gonna have it setup to where it resets to default state when clicking the show button. also if anyone knows where I can find a color picker script that is basically what u see on the catwa huds in the "Alpha, Lashes, Tint, Neck-Size" Tab then i'd appreciate it
  7. ik how to do that but im saying how can one make it memorize the face/linknumber that was non-transparent before hiding the object from sight. for instance; my genital mesh has six states one can choose from so there is six separate buttons that represent each one. Then u have two more buttons; one that completely hides the mesh and one that makes the last selected state visible ONLY while the others remain invisible.
  8. I'm trying to figure out something. I made this male genitals which is a link set from flaccid to erect and im trying to make a hud and one of the things it will have is a show/hide button. But what I cant figure out is how to make it where it remembers the selected state when u hide it and only makes that selection non transparent without making the entire linkset non transparent. sorta like what you see on the huds for aeros, brandom designs, etc ettc
  9. Hello, I am looking for a dancer/escort job that doesn't require voice verify. If any one is in hiring and meet my condition, plz IM me in world.
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