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  1. Turn off advanced lighting in your graphics setting, and see if your graphics card needs to be updated that fixed my issue.
  2. I updated my graphics card and it works for me, I don’t have to turn off ALM
  3. Just an update, I updated my graphics card now I can enable ALM and not have the blue tint
  4. How to I see if my graphics card Is up to date, I have the HP OMEN computer
  5. I figured it out i have to turn of ALM, and it works fine. Thank you
  6. Hello, For some reason when i log into any viewer(SL, firestorm, alchemy) I'm blue I changed my skin ,and the win light but nothing has changed. I also lowered graphics that still didn't work, also when i take a picture in sl comes out looking normal.
  7. Hey All. Can some be so kind and help me with BOM. I'm new on SL can't seem to get any help inworld. I know how to apply BOM to my Avi however when I put on clothes my genus baby face 01 removes from my avi, also I can not add the jaw and eyes for genus only the head. Thank you.
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